Original Story

Half demons have come to earth for one purpose and that is to participate in the never ending competition to become full fledge demons. 100 kills is the number to reach. 100 kills of the other half demons fighting. But in order to fullfil that goal a half demon must pair up with a human in order to use their powers and to even participate. Demon and human must work together in order to survive this battle.

Rated: Mature

Chapter 1


"I won't. I won't take part in this! I won't fight," I screamed as my body shook and more blood gushed out of the wound to my side. More pain shot through my body as I cringed and huffed, gripping my hand to the wound. "You have given us no choice then human," the demon said as he picked up Eli's unconscious body. "Wait! What are you doing," I yelled trying to get up to run to him but the sudden movement caused me even more excruciating pain, bringing me back to my hands and knees. I squeezed my eyes closed as there was cackling and opened my eyes to glare at the ground before looking up at the demon looking down on me. "Your brother's soul will be used as collateral to ensure your participation. In other words, fight or condemn your brother's soul to hell. Your choice." The demon smirked as my eyes widened in disbelief but narrowed and glared, knowing full well he was completely serious. I looked at Eli as a mark that looked like a tatoo appeared on his exposed chest. Eli. I'm...I'm so sorry. I clenched my fists as I squeezed my eyes shut, tears escaping down my cheeks. "What is your choice human," the demon asked with a snicker. My eyes shot open as my body burned with anger and determination, the pain quickly fading away as I pushed my self up off the ground and swayed a bit before standing firmly, facing my enemies before me with confidence and conviction. "Ezra." He appeared at my side as I stared up at Eli then turned my attention to our opponents as he scoffed with a nod. "So what is your choice human," the demon asked. I glanced at him and he raised an eyebrow smirking as I looked forward to the awaiting pair that were grinning and snickering. I hung my head down, eyes closed, my fists clenched as Eli flashed into my mind. "WHAT IS YOUR DECISION HUMAN?!" My eyes shot open, a scythe forming in my right hand from smoke. I clenched it, the form completing and charged, pulling it back. Shock, surprise and slight fear etched onto my opponent's faces. "I CHOOSE TO FIGHT," I roared swinging the scythe with power and ferocity as if the Angel of Death it's self.

Ok so please give me your feedback. This is an original story that I'm very serious in writing but I'm iffy and nervous about it so I want your guys opinions and whether or not I should go for it.

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