Love at Hogwarts: Year I

Love at Hogwarts: Year I

This is a story about loss and achievement. I hope you like it.
BTW: I add a chapter almost EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Chapter 1

Before they Went

"Father, will I ever experience love?" Draco asked.
"Just keep moving Draco," Lucius said back coldly.
They stepped into a store that sells robes of several colors and styles. There were green robes, black robes, any color robes with laces and different embellishments. Draco always hated shopping with his father. It was hard to talk to him, and when he tried, the conversation was over fast.
"Draco, I will be taking you to the Ministry on Monday. Wear your best robes and make sure you are clean. Do you understand me son?"
"Yes father," said Draco who was staring at the floor.

At the ministry, Draco was face to face with Cornelius Fudge.
"Good morning Lucius. Thank god you are early. There is trouble."
They started off at a run leaving Draco behind. Draco had expected this. Draco decided to explore.
Draco stepped into the elevator and pushed the 9 button.
"Level 9. Department of mysteries," announced the female voice from the elevator.
There was a long dark hallway.
"I've never seen this before."
Draco took the first door on his right with the label, Curiosity of Certain Wizards. Draco stepped inside the room which had a desk crammed into the wall and overflowing filing cabinets surrounding the rest of the walls, but the first thing Draco saw, was a picture on the wall of a girl who looked his age and had blonde hair. She was beautiful and her picture was hanging over a filing cabinet labeled: Homeless Wizards.
"That's peculiar. I didn't know there were homeless wizards."
Draco looked through the files and saw the same picture of the girl on the wall attached to a file with her information on it. He looked at the application and read...
First Name: Emily Last Name:_______
"Why isn't there a last name?" thought Draco, but then Cornelius Fudge walked in.
"What do you think you're doing here? Don't you know that this is a secret floor?" he yelled.
"I...I...I am sorry sir," Draco said back, hiding the profile.
"How did you find this place anyways? No one knows of its existence."
"I just found it by accident!"
"Yeah...likely story. What are you still doing here? Get out!"
Draco then hid the profile behind his back as he walked out and to the elevator. While he was in there, he saw that the Location section was bewitched to show exactly where she is. The location changed from London, 34th street to London, 35th street.
"I should give her shelter. She shouldn't live with rats."

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