Chapter 1

On The Run Again

How long are they going to keep on chasing me. Ugh... What is this? Like the fifth one this week. Why won't they stop chasing me? What do I have that they want? Ugh..... I hate my life.
"Get back here kid," the weird looking people in tie die lab coats say as start shooting poison knock out darts at me. These guess can't aim at all. They hit the ground, trees, rocks, birds and anything else but me. If I continue to run, then they will probably just end up shooting themselves.
"Owwww...... Watch where you are shooting that!" I hear as I look back and see another one fall to the ground.
"I thought you guuys were trying to get me!" I yell mocking them.
"We are you little son of a b***!" one of the scientist yell at me in a harsh tone.
"For people that are supposedly great with these weapons. All of you really don't know how to use them. For real. All you do is miss me and continue to shoot each other. This is stupid. I've been playing around for a while now but it's really starting to get boring soooo.... Bye now," I tell them as I speed off down the pathway through the woods.

about five minutes later
Hey, I finally got to a road. That's runny. Isn't that the same car that those hippies were wearing. Well, I lost them in the woods so I might as well keep going. Ohhhh..... Look here. Those stupid hippies left the keys in the car. Might as well drive away. But this still makes no sense at all. How are a group of hippies able to buy a Ferrari Enzo. Well.... Beats me.
"Hey!!! What do you think you are doing with our car??!!!!!! Come back here!!!!!" the hippie says as he runs out of the woods.
"If you want it, then you have to come and get it from me. Tramp!!!!!!" I yell as I rev the motor to tease them,"Well I think I've done enough. See you later b
***es!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!"
several hours later somewhere in New York
Ugh.... Lets see. Since I not posted as a wanted person on national television, then I'll actually go to an actually restaurant. Lets see. Leva de Toura, Bonyre Tas Ofva, or McDonalds.Hmmmmmm..... McDonalds it is. I might go in and eat or should I just go through the drive-thru. I'll go inside.
"Hello and welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order?" the lady ask me in a kind voice.
"Yeah. I would like a number five with a large fry and a large soft drink please," I answer.
"Okay, your order will be ready in about five minutes." she tells me.
After I get my food and my drink I go outside back to the car and get inside. I notice the Lamborghini Murcielago beside me. Since I was the only person in the parking lot, I walk over to the drivers side and to my surprise the doors were unlocked and the keys were on the seat. I quickly looked around to see if anyone was looking and went back to my car, got my stuff and put in the lamborghini. As I looked back to the ferrari, I decided to see if there was anything else left in there and found a doufle bag. It had some guns and explosives in it so I decided to take irt with me just in case I would need it (which I probaly would.)

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