A Day In The Life Of A Walking Travesty

A Day In The Life Of A Walking Travesty

So Here's Some Thing You May Not Have Known About My But They're Here For You To Learn So Enjoy =]
Thanks! Kynnie

Chapter 1

The Fox And The Hound

200: My middle name is: Leanne

199: i was born in: Ohio

198: i am really: A 16 Year Old Teenager

197: my cellphone company is: StraightTalk (Verizon)

196: my eye color is: Hazel

195: my shoe size is: 7 And A Half

194: my ring size is: 3 I Think

193: my height is: 5ft 1 inch :/

192: I am allergic to: Pet Hair- Just a Bit

191: my 1st car was: A White Dodge Dakota Truck

190: my 1st job was: Getting Paid 10 Dollars An Hour To Watch A Parking Lot

189: last book you read: Alas Babylon

188: my bed is: Unmade And Has My Doggys Bone On It

187: my pet: My Chihuahua Evee Cecillia

186: my best friends: SheaLynn,Shannon,Miaa,Jenni,Ashton,Cassidy

185: my favorite shampoo is: Uhm The Smelly Good Kind =]

184: aim name: Dont Have One

183: piggy banks are: Adorable

182: in my pockets: Nothing Im Wearing PJ Shorts

181: on my calendar: Lazy Day Maybe Some School Work Later

180: marriage is: OverRated

179: spongebob can: Suuurre...

178: my Mum: Is Some one I No Longer Want In My Life.

177: the last three cd's i bought: =/ I Have No Clue

176: last youtube video watched: LandShark By Jenna Marbles Lmfao

175: how many cousins do you have? Too Many

174: do you have any siblings? A Younger Brother And An Older Half Brother

173: are your parents divorced? Seperated

172: are you taller than your Mom? Nah

171: do you play an instrument? Yes

170: what did you do yesterday?Chilled With Ashy

[ i believe in ]
169: love at first sight: Yeah =]
168: luck: Eh.
167: fate: Sometimes...
166: yourself: Not Always
165: aliens: It's Possible
164: heaven: Nope, Proud Atheist
163: hell: Well Im living In It
162: God: Nada-Atheist
161: horoscopes: Sure
160: soul mates: Yupp, Mines Dead
159: ghosts: Def.
158: gay marriage: 100%
157: war: Is Necessary
156: orbs: Mhmm
155: magic: Why Not?

[ this or that ]
154: hugs or kisses: Kisses
153: drunk or high: Wasted =]
152: phone or online: Online =3
151: red heads or black haired: RedHeads Are Sexy..Just Saying
150: blondes or brunettes:I Tend To Date More Blondes But I Think Brunettes Are Hotter
149: hot or cold: Hot. I Hate The Cold
148: summer or winter: Summer
147: autumn or spring: Autumn
146: chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
145: night or day: Imma Night Owl
144: oranges or apples: Apples
143: curly or straight hair: Straight
142: mcdonalds or burger king: McDonalds
141: white chocolate or milk chocolate:White Chocolate Is The Only Chocolate I Enjoy =]
140: mac or pc: PC
139: flip flops or high heels: FlippidyFloppidys
138: ugly and rich or sexy and poor:Sexy And Poor
137: coke or pepsi: Pepsi
136: hillary or obama: Neither. One Dug Us Deeper In Debt and The Other Is A Ruthless Wolf Murderer.
135: buried or cremated: Buried
134: singing or dancing: Singing.
133: coach or chanel: Coach
132: kat mcphee or taylor hicks: Taylor Hicks
131: small town or big city: Small Town =]
130: wal-mart or target: Wally World
129: ben stiller or adam sandler: Sandler!
128: manicure or pedicure: Mani
127: east coast or west coast: Eastern
126: your birthday or Christmas: Bday
125: chocolate or flowers: Flowers
124: disney or six flags: Disney
123: yankees or red sox: Yanks

[ here's what i think about ]
122: war: Is Something You Can't Avoid
121: george bush: Was A Good President
120: gay marriage: Should Be Legal
119: the presidential election: Is A War Itself
118: abortion: Just Imagine You, Or Your Sister, Or Your Daughter, Was Raped And Conceived A Child A Child At A Young Age Where It'd Kill Her To Birth That Child. Or Your Wife Or Mom Was Gonna Die Giving Birth. Now Do You Think Abortions Wrong?
117: myspace: Is Beast
116: reality tv: Is Funny
115: parents: Cant Stand My Mother. My Daddy's More Of The Parent.
114: back stabbers: Are Everywhere
113: ebay: Is Evil..And Didnt Deliver My Movie
112: s-x: Is Awesome
111: work: Is Necessary
110: my neighbors : Poisoned My Cat When I Was Little
109: gas prices:Keep Going Up
108: designer clothes: Are Ugly
107: college: Maybe
106: sports: Running =]
105: my family: Is Divided
104: the future: Is Going To Be Wild =3

[ last time I ]
103: hugged someone:I Hugged Ashton Goodbye
102: last time you ate: Cheesy Bread Things Last Night
101: saw someone i haven't seen in awhile: HAZE! At FDA
100: cried in front of someone: =/ When I Left Cassidy
99: went to a movie theater: With Cassidy to See Chronicle Like Three Weeks Ago
98: took a vacation: Never
97: swam in a pool: Hmm.. Splash Country Last Summer
96: changed a diaper: Like Two Months Ago
95: got my nails done: When I Was Twelve
94: went to a wedding: When I Was Like Five
93: broke a bone: Never
92: got a piercing:My Belly Button =] Uhm A Year and A Half Ago
91: broke the law: Car Hopping. Once. With some Guys. But I Didn't Take Anything.
90: texted: 2.7 Seconds Ago Lmfao

[ misc ]
89: who makes you laugh the most:Shea Or Ashy
88: something i will really miss when i leave home is: Uhm..My Brother
87: the last movie i saw in the theaters: Three Weeks ago? Chronicle
86: the thing that i'm looking forward to the most: Summer Or Graduating
85: the thing im not looking forward to: Hmm Death.
84: people call me: Kynnie
83: the most difficult thing to do is: Sleep..And Eat...
82: i have gotten a speeding ticket: Nah
81: my zodiac sign is: Libra, The Scales
80: the first person i talked to today was: Evee
79: first time you had a crush: Second Grade,And He Didn't Like Me Back =/
78: the one person who i can't hide things from: Shea
77: last time someone said something you were thinking:The other Night
76: right now i am talking to: Texting Ashton And Watching Tv With My Daddy
75: what are you going to do when you grow up: Be A Beast Werewolf!
74: i have/will get a job:Got One
73: tomorrow: Eh...
72: today: Nuffin
71: next summer: Is soon...
70: next weekend:Is Just Another Weekend
69: i have these pets: Chihuahua Named Evee
68: the worst sound in the world: Crunching Metal..
67: the person that makes me cry the most is: Dereon =,[ I Miss Him
66: people that make you happy:Few People.
65: last time i cried:A Month Ago
64: my friends are:Sacred
63: my computer is: Beastly
62: my school: Is A Digital Academy
61: my car: A White Dodge Dakota Truck
60: i lose all respect for people who: Think Theyre Better Than Others
59: the movie i cried at was: Bridge To Terabithia , Every Time
58: your hair color is:Dirty Blonde
57: tv shows you watch: SouthPark, Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad....
56: favorite web site: Quibblo.
55: your dream vacation: London
54: the worst pain i was ever in was: When My Heart Shattered When Dereon Died.
53: how do you like your steak cooked Vegetarian
52: my room is: Messy :P
51: my favorite celebrity is: Joshua Hutcherson Or Taylor Lautner
50: where would you like to be: On Stage Singing With Tons Of Fans Giving Off Positive Energy.
49: do you want children: Yes 1-3 Boys. No Girls -Ever.
48: ever been in love: Yes.Yes I Have.
47: whos your best friend:Cassidy.
46: more guy friends or girl friends: Guy
45: one thing that makes you feel great is: Sleep
44: one person that you wish you could see right now: Cass
43: do you have a 5 year plan: Ha No
42: have you made a list of things to do before you die: Yes
41: have you pre-named your children: Once Or Twice.. =]
40: last person i got mad at:Jack >.>
39: i would like to move to: California
38: i wish i was a professional: Singer =]

[ my favorites ]
37: candy: Sour Patch Kids
36: vehicle: Ferrari
35: president: Teddy =]
34: state visited: Kentucky Was Cool...Not..
33: cellphone provider: Verizon
32: athlete: Eh Peyton Manning Is Hunky
31: actor:Joshua Hutcherson
30: actress: Ehhh.. Kristen Stewart
29: singer: Alex Gaskarth And Cassadee Pope
28: band: Hey Monday Or All time Low
27: clothing store: Rue 21
26: grocery store: Food Lion
25: tv show: American Dad
24: movie: The Fox and The Hound
23: website:Still Quibblo
22: animal: Red Wolf
21: theme park: DollyWood
20: holiday: Halloween
19: sport to watch: Nascar
18: sport to play: Track
17: magazine: Cosmo
16: book: The outsiders Or Olives Ocean
15: day of the week: Wednesday
14: beach:Never Seen It
13: concert attended:Hey Monday,All Time Low,YellowCard And The SummerSet In Atlanta Georgia =]
12: thing to cook: MacNCheese
11: food: Alfedo
10: restaurant: OliveGarden
9: radio station: Country
8: yankee candle scent: Huh?
7: perfume: Rue21 Black
6: flower: Rose
5: color: Periwinkle
4: talk show host: Hmmm... Ellen
3: comedian: hmm Dane Cook. <33
2: dog breed: Poohuahuas
1: are you ready for this survey to be over?Eh Kinda. Lol

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