Veela's Song (Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I didn't make up this Story I found it on Fanfiction but its really good so I wanted to share it with you guys. The authors name is SeekerLuna. If you are her and you read this story please know I mean no harm and just want to share your talents with the other Users.


Chapter 4

Lazy Day

When Tara awoke, she was disoriented and oddly warm. She soon realized she wasn't in her dorm room and tried to move. That was when she noticed an arm, a strong one at that, was wrapped around her mid-section, keeping her locked against the person behind her.

Why isn't it bothering me? She thought, touching the person's arm. She felt warmth spread from where she'd touched and let out a purr. "Mate," She whispered to herself. That's when it all came back to her. Singing in the dorm room, letting out a Trill because of Pansy, Draco declaring her his mate, talking to the Headmaster, moving into their new room... She nudged the boy behind her, earning a sleepy groan, his arm tightening around her. "Malfoy, get up," She hissed at him.

"I don't quite feel like getting up," He practically whined. Malfoy? Whining? Tara had to be dreaming still... The Slytherin Prince never whined!

"We have to get up for our classes today!" Tara persisted, wiggling in his arms. The other blonde did not relent his hold on her waist and merely wrapped himself around her tightly. "Draco Lucius Malfoy, if you don't get up this instant...!" It was then that a house elf appeared with a small 'pop'.

"Pardon me, Headmaster has sent me to deliver a message," It began in a meek voice. "You two are being allowed to skip classes for today in order to settle down and talk about what may happen between you. He sends his best wishes. If you need anything, you need only call upon the house elves."

"Thank you," Tara told him before he disappeared.

"Good, now I can go back to sleep," Draco said as he curled around Tara again. Said girl squeaked and struggled, finally getting out of his arms. "Where do you think you're going?" He demanded, not pleased by the fact that his mate was leaving his arms.

"To take a bath you twit," She mumbled. "I'll be out in a bit," She went and grabbed a few things from her trunk which had finally arrived and darted into the bathroom. She gasped at how it looked and smiled, she shouldn't have been surprised at all. It reminded her of home. Filling the large bath tub with as many scented oils as she could find, Tara hummed and smiled as it created a bubble bath that relaxed her. After stripping out of her night clothes, she got into the bath, smiling as she relaxed into it.

"Tara, can I join?" The female Veela jumped and squeaked, looking towards the door. There stood Draco in all his clothed glory, looking absolutely divine with his 'I just rolled out of bed' hair and rumpled clothes.

"N-no, you cannot!" She gasped, shocked he would ask such a thing.

"Its only natural and its not like I can see anything," He pointed out. "You wouldn't have to see anything either," He saw Tara squirm and smirked a bit.

"Fine, but I swear, if you touch anything you shouldn't..." She trailed off, growling at him. Draco nodded and began unbuttoning his shirt. He watched Tara's blue eyes follow each movement and grinned as he let the silk garment slide off his arms. He smirked, amused as he continued to undress. He reached for his pants and immediately Tara's face became bright red as she hid behind her hands. Draco snickered and finally undressed before joining his mate in the tub.

"You can look again, Savage," Tara uncovered her eyes and sighed a bit. The pair sat in silence for some time, listening only to each others breaths and the slight sloshing of the water. "This is quite relaxing," Draco hummed.

"I know, I meant for it to be," Tara murmured.

"Come sit closer, I'll wash your hair," The Malfoy heir suddenly offered. Tara's eyes lit up with unrestrained surprise.

"Promise that's all?" She questioned softly.

"Yeah yeah, I bloody promise," He snorted. Tara slowly inched closer until she sat in front of him between his parted legs though she was forced onto his legs when he pulled her closer. Her face became pink and this only caused Draco to chuckle as he scooped up water and let it cascade over her head. He soon began to wash her hair, massaging her scalp to earn a small groan of appreciation as she closed her eyes. Being careful, the blonde rinsed her hair and quickly spun her around, pulling her flush against his chest. He heard Tara squeak and rested his chin on her head, arms around her waist loosely.

"This... feels odd," Tara admitted, still blushing brilliantly.

"It does? I didn't notice," Draco whispered, inhaling his mate's sweet scent again. It was ever so addicting.

"You're so weird, Malfoy," She laughed softly and suddenly Draco felt like he was on cloud nine.

"I do so love it when you laugh," He told her. This made Tara blush harder still. "I want to see your wings," His voice was low, demanding.. and Tara couldn't deny him.

"Malfoy... I-I can't..." She whispered. "I don't want you to touch them..."

"Do it or I make them appear," He growled against her neck. Tara squeaked at this and shifted so he wouldn't get smacked by her wings. Relaxing and breathing deeply, Tara allowed her wings to break free with a small cry. Draco stared in awe at his mate's wings and slowly reached out.

"Don't," Tara whispered, body already shivering. Draco ignored her and touched the delicate feathers, smiling at the silk softness of them and reached up higher, touching the thin bone and tracing it. Tara leaned against him, pressing her chest against him as her hands gripped his shoulders. Draco continued tracing the fine wings, smirking when the girl in his lap let out a small, muffled moan. "Stop it, Malfoy, please," She begged, panting softly.

"I don't think I will," He told her, caressing her wings more with both hands now. Tara let out small, pleasurable sounds as Draco continued, unable to hold them in as his fingers danced along the fine appendages.

"Dracooo," She moaned out, tossing her head back. Draco groaned at the sound and leaned forward, nuzzling into her neck.

"Just let it out, mate," He told her, continuing. Tara chewed on her lip and carefully rocked her hips against him. It was Draco's turn to let out a small gasp. He removed his hands from her wings and grabbed her hips. "Alright, alright, I'm stopping," He murmured. Tara slowly calmed down, blushing heavily when she realized what exactly she'd done.

"Oh Merlin... I-I'm so sorry!" She squeaked out, retracting her wings.

"It was my fault, love," He whispered the endearment, making Tara blush again. The girl merely wrapped her arms around him, pressing close to him, pressing her bosom into his chest. She didn't quite care at the moment.

"No more funny business, Malfoy, we're in the same room the rest of the day," She grumbled, playing with his hair again.

"Do you find something interesting about my hair?" He asked, raising an aristocratic eyebrow.

"Yes, I do," She huffed out. "Its really soft..." She mumbled, threading her fingers through the silk locks.

"Mother taught me to always take good care of my body," He laughed, though it was somewhat forced. "I'm glad you think it feels so soft," Tara nodded and relaxed in his arms. Draco rested his chin on her head again and let his hands trail up her back and then down again, making his mate shiver. He danced his fingers along her spine, enjoying the shudder that he got from Tara as he did so. He rubbed at her shoulders gently and felt her relax again, groaning as he worked out all the kinks.

"You must have magic fingers," She laughed softly.

"I just give a good massage," He murmured. "Alright, out of my lap quick so I can wash my hair," Tara did as he said and watched him, almost in a daze, as he washed his hair. While waiting, Tara began playing with the bubbles and effectively gave Draco a bubble beard when he had his eyes closed.

"It suits you," She snickered as Draco wiped the bubbles away.

"Oh quiet you git," He scowled at her. Grabbing his wand off the floor, Draco manipulated the bubbles to create a crown that he placed on Tara's head and smiled. "A crown for a soon to be spoiled princess," He teased. Tara turned bright red at this and took the bubble crown, placing it on Draco's head.

"A crown for an already spoiled Slytherin Prince," She snorted. Putting his wand down, Draco moved, trapping Tara against the back of the tub. "Ma-Malfoy.." She looked at him with wide, blue eyes.

"I think its only fair.. I touched your wings," He gave her a look and shuddered as his wings unfurled from his back. Tara's eyes widened even more at this. "This is the only chance you'll get," He warned her when she didn't move. The girl slowly reached forward and touched her mate's wings, listening as he sucked in a sharp breath and gripped the edges of the tub. Tara continued, almost oblivious to the way Draco's breathing had become labored and heavy. "Savage, stop!" He hissed at her. Tara immediately pulled her hands back, as though she'd been burned, and turned her eyes downcast.

"I'm sorry...!" She squeaked out. Draco touched her cheek and she instantly calmed down, looking back up at him.

"You have nothing to be sorry for," He told her. "If you'd kept going then... you know..." He sighed and Tara nodded, understanding what he meant. The wings of a Veela were sensitive to the touch of the Veela's mate... almost like a giant turn on switch to them. Touching the wings for a long amount of time would be basically saying 'just jump me now' because that's what would happen... luckily both Tara and Draco had more self control than that. "Shall we get out, get dressed, call a house elf and eat breakfast?"

"I was thinking we could go down to the Great Hall for breakfast," Tara murmured. "Just so everyone knows we're okay, you know?" Draco mulled it over and nodded.

"Alright," He said. "Close your eyes," He told her as he started to stand up. Tara's faced reddened and she covered her eyes. She heard him get out and blushed even more. "You can look," She uncovered her eyes and averted her gaze. Even though he had a towel around his waist, she could still see his uncovered torso. He was so well defined... "You finished staring?" He raised an eyebrow again.

"Y-yes!" She looked away. Draco chuckled and left the bathroom to get dressed. When he left, Tara drained the tub and got out, wrapping a towel around her body. She dried off quickly and murmured Accio clothes to get her school uniform quickly. She dressed and exited the room to find Draco dressed and ready to leave. Grabbing her hand, he apparated out of the room and released her as they walked into the Great Hall. Draco put on the usual icy mask that came with being a Malfoy and led the way to the Slytherin table where Pansy basically attacked them with questions.

"Where on earth did you two disappear to last night?" She asked, eying the pair. "After Snape came, you two disappeared for the rest of the night!"

"Sorry, Pansy," Tara smiled.

"We've been moved to another room, specially for us," Draco told her.

"Oh, alright," She nodded. The two sat down and ate with their classmates, chatting about things here and there. Soon, almost too soon, it was time for classes to begin and for the two Veela to return to their room. "When will you two be back down?"

"Tomorrow," Draco answered simply. Pansy nodded and watched as they disappeared.


Draco watched his mate from the couch in the main room as she sat at the desk they were provided with, studying, so she wouldn't be behind in class the next day.

"Mate, enough books," He growled, silver eyes shining. He saw Tara shiver and clutch her book closer. "Tara..." He growled out another warning. Without another word, Draco stood and closed the distance between them in a few quick strides before he grabbed the book and slammed it shut.

"Malfoy!" She cried out in shock, angry that she'd lost her page.

"I'm bored and I don't want to study," He bit out.

"And what do you suggest I do about it?" She raised a delicate eyebrow at him and his fingers caught her chin.

"I'd much rather study you," A slow, sexy smile spread across his lips and Tara's face heated.

"You're stepping into dangerous territory, Malfoy," She whispered, breath caught in her throat.

"I know and I rather like this territory," He grinned down at her. He grabbed her about the waist and carried her back to their room, depositing her on the bed. Wrapping his arms around her, Draco pulled her close as they lay on the bed, her head tucked under his chin once more.

"You're so odd," Tara murmured, hands clenching at his shirt.

"As if you're any better?" He chuckled. "We're supposed to be spending today getting to know each other and bonding, mate, not avoiding each other and sticking our noses in our school books."

"We-well..." Tara bit her lip, unable to think of an excuse.

"Come now, what's your favorite thing to do?" This question caught her off guard. The Malfoy heir was being nice...

"I like just keeping to myself and reading," She huffed out.

"That's not healthy," Draco frowned.

"Obsessing about someone and picking on them continuously isn't healthy either," She snapped back. This one hit Draco like a ton of bricks. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that," She whispered, nuzzling against his neck softly.

"It's fine," He brushed it off. "What's your favorite candy?"

"I like anything chocolate," She smiled up at him.

"I see..." He thought this over and smiled to himself. The two continued talking and smiling, becoming ever closer as they did so. Draco rested his forehead against Tara's and looked into her eyes, his lips inches from hers.

"Draco," She whispered his name, almost a plea.

"You know what this will mean, Tara," He whispered back.

"I know.. but.. I'm ready," She smiled. Draco pressed his lips to hers and felt her resist a little before giving in and kissing back. Her arms snaked around his neck as they continued kissing, lips molded together like they were meant for each other. Draco growled low in his throat and nibbled at her lips, demanding more. Tara moaned and parted her lips as the Slytherin Prince's tongue darted out to swipe over her lips. Draco groaned and pulled away before he could do more and just held his mate close, pressing gentle kisses to her head and cheeks.

"No backing out now, you've given me your trust," He told her.

"I know," She breathed out. "But... I think this – you and I might actually work, Draco," She smiled at him and suddenly his whole world brightened up.

"It had better bloody work," He growled teasingly. Tara smiled sheepishly and yawned, tired. "Get some rest," He reached for his wand, putting a sleeping spell on her. While she slept, Draco got up and wrote a letter to his family, using his family owl to send it. He would use his eagle but unfortunately, they weren't allowed at Hogwarts. Hopefully it wouldn't be long before he heard back from his parents.


It was later on around dinner time when the owl returned with a letter from Draco's parents. When he read it he grabbed Tara and took her back to their room.

"Malfoy, what's all this about?" She demanded, confused by his sudden change.

"My parents are coming! They want to meet you," Tara nearly collapsed but her mate caught her. Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy... were coming to meet her.

"Just kill me now," She begged him. She could handle everything except meeting Draco's parents. She wasn't ready! "When will they be here?"

"Soon," He told her. "Too soon for my liking," He squeezed her hand and that's when Tara noticed how his hand was shaking. He was nervous as well.

"Well, isn't she a beauty," A female voice sounded and both immediately stiffened.

"Mother," Draco cleared his throat when they found the two older Malfoy's in the main room. "Father," Lucius nodded to him.

"Hello," Narcissa smiled at them. "You must be Draco's mate."

"Tara Savage, ma'am," Tara found her voice again.

"That's a nice name," Lucius told her, shocking her.

"Th-thank you," She blushed and Draco pulled her close, shocking her even more.

"It'll be better when her name is Tara Malfoy," He muttered against her hair. Tara wanted to faint right then and there.

"Come now, Draco, don't keep her to yourself," Narcissa smiled. "Let me see her," Draco reluctantly let his mate go and watched as his mother pulled her into... well a motherly hug. He smiled to himself as he saw his mother start to dot on her like Tara was her own daughter. "Well, I'm certain you'll make my Draco very happy in the future," The woman gave her one more hug.

"An excellent addition to the Malfoy family," Lucius said. Tara blushed, glad that Draco's family accepted her. "Draco... there are matters you and I must discuss," He looked at his son who lost his smile and nodded. Father and son disappeared, leaving Narcissa with Tara.

"Come sit down, dear," Narcissa sat down and patted the spot beside her. Tara sat down and blushed, looking down at her hands. "Is something on your mind?"

"A lot of things actually," She sighed.

"I have an open ear if you wish to talk about it," Tara smiled at this and started to gush about all the things on her mind. After listening, Narcissa lay a comforting hand on her shoulder and smiled. "My dear, don't worry about such things. Draco absolutely loves you, I can see that already."

"What if its just the Veela in me that he loves?" Tara looked miserable.

"My dear, I didn't marry Lucius because of the Veela in him, I married him because I truly loved him. You and Draco will in time learn to love each other, even with the Veela in you."

"Really?" She looked up.

"Really," She smiled. "Now, go wash up your face before Draco comes back and thinks I've said something to upset you," Tara nodded and hurried off to the loo to wash her face. At that moment, Lucius and Draco returned, with the youngest looking terrified. He straightened out when Tara returned and pulled her into his arms, kissing her forehead quickly.

"I hope to see you again," Lucius bowed a bit.

"I'll bring her home for the holidays," Draco said lazily. His parents nodded and left. The Malfoy heir let out his held breath and pulled Tara close in his arms. "Lets go to bed," He whispered, leading her back to their bedroom. Tara looked at him, worried about his sudden behavior.

"Draco, is everything alright?" She asked, turning to look at him.

"Everything is just fine," He murmured, kissing her. Tara pulled back, earning her a confused look.

"You're tired," She sighed. "We both are... let's just get some rest, yeah?" Draco nodded and turned around so she could change. Once both were changed, they climbed into bed though Tara shocked Draco by curling against him instead of him curling around her like the night before. Regardless, he wrapped his arms around her and buried his nose in her hair, smiling and relaxing at the scent.

"Why the sudden change?" He asked her.

"Change is needed if we are to progress through this together," She whispered. Draco leaned down and captured her lips in what was meant to be a soft, loving kiss. The Slytherin Prince couldn't seem to get enough though and the kiss became demanding as he pulled Tara's small frame tightly against his body. In response, Tara shivered and wrapped her arms around him, eyes sliding shut as they continued. Draco nibbled at her lips and sucked on the bottom, making his mate groan and mewl at him gently. "Dr-Draco..." She sighed his name, tilting her head as the Malfoy heir pressed kisses along her jaw, slowly moving to her neck. Tara's eyes shot open when his lips found her neck and a gasp escaped her as her hands gripped his shoulders.

Draco pressed kisses to the sensitive skin and sucked softly, pleased by the sounds that fell from his mates lips as he did so. Moving, Draco soon had Tara pinned below him, his body trapping her as he continued to lavish attention to her overly sensitive neck. The Veela below him moaned and gasped, body twitching as it responded to the touches Draco gave her. She felt him start to nip at a certain spot and cried out, clinging to him.

"Draco, please... please stop!" She begged, blushing heavily as she panted and moaned.

"I don't want to," He purred out. Tara whined and shut her eyes, chewing on her bottom lip as Draco continued.

"This will turn out badly if you keep going," She whimpered. Finally, he relented, albeit reluctant, he ceased his actions and grabbed her hands, gently pinning them down.

"Mate, this will only become harder for us as time goes by," He whispered, kissing her forehead. "The longer we hold off on bonding, the weaker our control becomes."

"Just try... please just try and wait," She whispered back. "Until Christmas, alright?" Draco frowned but simply nodded.

"Fine," He sighed. "I'll try and wait... but it doesn't mean I won't keep my hands to myself," Tara's entire face became red. Laughing, Draco let go of her and pulled her close as he lay on his side again, smiling.

"The only time I will allow you to have your hands on me is when we're alone... I will not be caught snogging with you during school," She muttered.

"You embarrassed?" He smirked.

"No! I-I... people just don't know about us except for Pansy and I guess the other Slytherin's..." Draco nodded, understanding.

"Alright, no snogging during school," He promised. "Now, let's get some rest," Tara nodded as the torches went out and curled close. Draco gazed at her sleeping form and sighed, looking at his arm which he knew bore the mark of the Dark Lord... If he could help it, Tara would never have to know about it.

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