Awkward Stories

Chapter 1

Kissy Faces.

As you may know, I like someone named James.My desk is across from his, and next to his friend Seans. So, since I'm in fifth grade, we have kindergartener buddies, were you help them do projects and stuff like that thats fun for them. So mine is a boy. His name is Blake. Blake always holds my hand. Sean teases me about it.
"Hey james! Show Jamie her future with blake!" and james started making kissy faces at me. Now james' heritage is french, so of course sean says,
"Now show her how French people kiss!" so, he starts making french kissing faces, with his eyes closed, and i throw a tic tac at him, and he catches it in his mouth and says,
"Yummy" and he kissed the top of my hand.
It was soooooo awakward. im like 'wtf?!' even though i really like him. and the wierdest part is after school. im walking with my phone, killing my time, when he comes up to me and takes a pic of himself making the rgular kissy face. it was soooooo hilarious/awkward!


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