In The Moonlight (ONLY THE 1ST CHAPTER)

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Chapter 1


by: Lizzay
My entire life people have always told me everything happens for a reason. but as i was jogging through the woods this morning i couldn't help but question why they kept giving me that same advice over and over again. my body tingled as the scents of pine, oak, and other woodsy smells skimmed over my exposed flesh. the further i jogged the more i realized there's only 5 things in the world i'm absolutely sure are true. one:My name is Reece Josephine Soddlin. Two: I'm 16 years old. Three:I live in a small town called Weathertop. Four: I'm human, for now. and five: my parents along with some of my fellow population are werewolves. i know that sounds crazy but they do exist and my parents are waiting for me to change. surprisingly enough I'm honestly not sure how i feel about it. maybe I've numbed myself to the idea so when and if it happens I'LL be able to cope with the idea. but as i reached the doorsteps of my house i pushed the thoughts away and began preparing myself for a new school. a werewolf inhabited school. sure i'll learn the same things as humans but now i'll have a pack of other teen wolves to tell me their secrets, soon to be our secrets. my mother's perfect smile and gleaming green eyes greeted me as i walked into the kitchen. we had the same eyes but i have my dad's dirty blonde hair. "how was your jog?" pouring a glass of orange juice for myself i took a long drink before turning to answer my mother. "Refreshing as usual. Can i drive myself to school?" "We thought you'd ask that." my dad strode into the kitchen in an Armani suit and smiled before placing a soft kiss on top of my head. mom smiled and sipped her coffee. something was up, my dad was rarely home when i got back from my jog. he as a doctor and gone most of the time, either at the hospital or at a pack meeting of some sort. "hey dad. what's up?" he mimicked fake shock then walked over to mom and slipped his arm around her. "what could she possibly mean Sandy?" mom smiled and shrugged her shoulders before reaching into dad's chest pocket and revealing a small key. "I don't know. maybe she found out about our little surprise." my brain put the pieces together and i ran to them both. "thank you guys so much!" dad chuckled and placed the key in my hand but stared at me, firmly speaking. "take care of it and go get ready, school starts in a hour and a half." nodding gratefully i ran upstairs, took a brief shower, dried my hair, then came to the most difficult challenge. what to wear. "UGH." i groaned as i began digging through my closet. i hated trying to find the right outfit for the 1st day of school. finally i was able to decide on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt which was covered partially by my favorite zip up hoodie. i jogged downstairs and mom smiled at me. "You look great Honey." a smile crept onto my face as i threw my backpack on my shoulder. "Thank mom. i better get going, bye love you." mom walked me to the door and gave me some last minute advice. "the wolves in your school will pick up your scent almost immediately so don't be surprised if they show up soon. and stay with them! bye, love you." as i sat down in my dad's 1944 mustang i tried to calm my nerves about meeting werewolves. if they were anything like my parents could be i might be in trouble. i'd watched my dad almost go wolf about a guy who almost hit my mom and i when we went shopping. and we only told him about it. my imagination came up with scenario after scenario and i arrived at Lexington High too soon. as i stepped out of the car i tried to watch for the pack but it was pretty hard since i have no idea who they are. entering the office i waited paitently for the smug looking secretary to give me my new schedule. "school starts at 8:25, your locker number and combination are on your schedule. got it?" the secretary's cold tone made me a little irritated but i smiled and exited quietly. it took me some time to find my locker and most of the other students were no help at all. finally i got the neurotic contraption open and all my stuff inside, that's when i sensed them. turning around i saw a group of well-built guys and graceful girls studying me from a distance. that must be them. we stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity and then a girl grabbed one of the guy's hand, pulling hm with her towards me. they both smiled perfect grins and the girl held out her hand. "Hi i'm Beth and this is Justin. you must be Reece." i shook her hand gently and took in their appearance quickly. Beth had dark hair with matching brown eyes while Justin had reddish-brown hair and silver eyes. "that's me. nice to meet you guys." after that the rest of the pack ventured over. Mandy looked almost identical to Beth but they weren't related. there was also Charlie and Ben. Charlie had sandy blonde locks and deep blue eyes while Ben had spiky brown hair and hazel eyes. i had first hour with Mandy and Beth who locked arms with me, leading the way and talking the whole time. "we're so glad to have another girl in the pack! being with the guys so much can be pretty irritating even if we are dating them!" Mandy had a soothingly positive voice and made me feel comfortable. then Beth's calm voice added something. "yeah but you still have to meet Carter. he'll probably be here for lunch. he always skips the 1st 4 hours and the school doesn't even care!" i found myself both amused and shocked at this. this Carter guy sound 'fun'. "sounds good. so i do have 1 question though." we all sat in the back row to my relief as Beth responded quickly. "Ask away." pulling out my notebook and a pen i began to copy some notes from the whiteboard at the front of the room as i asked quietly. "do people know what we are?" Mandy and Beth both tensed immediately then exchanged knowing glances before Beth answered even quieter than i'd asked. "No and we need to make sure they never do." i'd expected this answer but it never hurt to ask, right? the bell rang and a woman swiftly made her way to the front and waited for everyone to settle down before she began. "Thank you ladies and gentlemen. we have a new student in class today. i want you all to welcome Reece Soddlin." she gestured towards me and i felt my entire body tense as everyone turned to look at me. attention was one thing i tried to avoid. i waved softly and lowered my eyes to my notebook until i felt the heat of everyone's stares fade. i heard Mandy giggle as she leaned towards me, whispering softly in my ear. "you've made quite an impression. you should hear the guys' thoughts." my eyes widened and both Mandy and Beth giggled as my face reddened. i had most classes with someone from the pack and they always stayed close, even Ben who seemed pretty introverted. He even tried to keep a good conversation which i appreciated. tossing my books in my locker i headed towards the cafeteria with my head down, playing today's events through my mind. but i was abruptly pulled from my thoughts when i ran into a solid figure. "oh I'm sorry!" i looked up to the person i'd run into only to suddenly feel intimidated. what looked back at me was a pair of steely hazel eyes and blonde, almost white, shaggy hair. his voice was low like a growl. "watch it." nodding softly i avoided his menacing eyes and mumbled another apology before continuing to the cafeteria. after grabbing a soda and a turkey sandwich i spotted the pack at a corner table where Beth was waving for me to come. sitting down next to Beth i smiled at everyone in greeting before carefully unwrapping my sandwich. "So Reece you ready to go through the change?" i recognized the voice as Charlie's and he smirked at me with a mocking twinkle in his eye. Mandy laughed then punched his arm playfully. "well way to be up front," she turned to me and offered a sympathetic smile. "sorry about him. he's working on manners. it's the lesson we teach the cubs right after potty training." Ben grinned and bit into his sandwich. Beth and Justin were too absorbed in each other to hear. i smiled and replied after swallowing. "it's okay." Charlie leaned over and whispered. "Don't let her fool you. she's secretly proud of me. even if i got held back a few years in cub training. Mandy chuckled at his sarcasm and planted a peck on his cheek. "now i never said i wasn't proud of you. i mean you finally learned how not to soil your pants. i say that's an achievement." the joke in her voice made me grin and i turned to Ben as they also became absorbed into each other. "so i'm guessing you're the quiet and mysterious one?" Ben laughed causing his hazel eyes to twinkle briefly. "no, i'm just the quiet one. if you're looking for mysterious that's my brother Carter." taking a quick drink of my soda i felt my intrigue rise. "speaking of this Carter guy, isn't he supposed to be here?" shrugging his shoulders Ben finished off his sandwich and started on a second. "He shows up before we go to 5th hour...oh there he is." pointing behind me i turned to where Ben was gesturing only to feel my face drain of all color. a cold, curious pair of hazel eyes watched me with vague emotion as the guy i'd run into in the hallway sauntered over towards out table. when he reached the table he sat next to his brother then nodded towards me. "Who's she?" the fact that he spoke as if i wasn't there made my anger rise but i kept calm outside as i snapped back. "that 'she' has a name." his glare softened slightly to show slight amusement. "well who are you?" i glanced at Ben who just took another bite of his 2nd sandwich, waiting for me to speak up. "my name is Reece. you must be Carter." nodding in understanding and confirmation he turned to Beth and Justin, starting a new conversation. Beth soon stood up and sat next to me, realizing my irritation. "is he always that rude?" she giggled and whispered back. "That's Carter for you. don't worry he'll come around eventually." the scoff that came from me made Ben smile and shocked me. usually people didn't get under my skin so easily. Charlie and Mandy came back as Charlie smirked. "Don't mind Carter. he only acts tough but i can beat him." at this i laughed and Carter turned around to glare, obviously annoyed. Charlie looked pretty well-built an di didn't have trouble believing he could but Carter proved me wrong. he got up and placed a hard punch to Charlie's jaw, causing him to sway some. regaining his balance Charlie growled as Mandy checked for i guessed broken bones. "Oh shut up Charlie or that's not the only thing you'll get." Carter's voice held both poison and joke. tired of Carter i got up and began walking for the door. i was shocked when Ben popped up next to me. "hey where are you going?" opening my locker i grabbed the agenda the school had given me and my notebook as i prepared to go to my next class. "art, you?" Ben smirked and led me to his own locker. "same here," he paused after he shut his locker as if contemplating something then he let his eyes come back to mine. "Don't let Carter bug you. he's been like that since our dad left." a wave of pity and guilt hit me as my voice softened. "I'm sorry." his response was a slight shrug as we entered the empty art room. "he was barely around when i was little. Carter knew him better than me." i didn't know what it was like to lose a parent and i hoped i never would. soon other students began to file in and our conversation was silently ended. maybe i could still help Carter, or at least try. by what Ben said he probably needs it


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