Winter Knights

The Winter Knights,an age old society built to protect the people of Scandinavia,Norway,Northern Canda,Russia,Siberia,Greenland,and Iceland from the dark forces of Fenrir and his demon hoards.They hold the raw power of the nothern ice and snow in their hands and weild it for good and only good.

This is an original story writen by Me(therobberduck521),ThistletheEmo,Natchwolf,and Damiensprofile

Chapter 1


by: Iceland_
The snow leapords stopped in their place and plunged into the crevices of the rocks as a human,a creature I hadn't seen in a long time,ran up to me.I looked at him,he was substandard with plain brown hair and brown eyes and the typical pale skin of the notherner and a slender build of a runner.He looked up at me where I rested on the rocks and said,"You are the Lady of the Broadsword,correct.",I just stared at him blankly,I favored a broadsword as my weapon,for I was very skilled at it but I had never been called that.

"Ummm,should I be saying yes?",my voice,while hoarse from disuse flowed like water over a streambed in spring.I flicked my jet black hair over my shoulder and looked at him.

"I don't know,wait what did they say the Lady's real name was,I was something French sounding,I remeber that much what was it,Lotte,Lis-",he said before I cut him off with a wave of my hand,while being short like most of my genaration was I was intimidating and he obeyed my unspoken command.

"Do you mean Listette,cause thats my name.",I said with a shrug.

"YES!!I mean thats it,here is the letter.",he said,trying to cover up his elation in doing,what I guessed was his first job correctly,I took the letter from him and just sighed.Last time I got a letter like this they Winter Knights HQ tried to saddle me with an apprentice,like I would ever do that,ever since my family was killed by one of our own,a Winter Knight,possed by Fenrir I have hunted Fenrir,no apprentice could keep up with me.Riping off the silky wax seal and tucking it in my pocket I opened the pale creamy paper and looked at the black letters printeed on it.It took me a while to get my mind back to reading it seeing as I hadn't read it in a while,it said.

Dear Ms.Listette,
We realize it has a been a while since we have sent you a letter but this is an urgent message.We are begging you to come back to the Ice Palace and join a team of the elite,your co-leader will be Sven Radulf and the other two members show great promise,their names are Taisie and Micheal.We are begging you,please,please,please come and lead this team,we need some one with your level of experiance.So Ms.Listette come back to the Ice Palace and head thsi elite team to hunt and destroy Fenrir and his new demon hoard.

Winters Knights Dispatchers

I stared at the letter in shock as the thoughts raced through my head. Destroying Fenrir sounded pretty good but having to lead a team of dunces through the Northlands,two of them apprentices one of them some conceited blowhard who probally thought he was so much better than me was enough to drive me insane but the only thing that was right was going to do it,I sighs and ran a hand through my jet black hair and said to the messenger."I'll go,let me pack up my stuff.",before he he could respond I was jumping up the rocks with the agility of a snow leopard.Jumping onto a ledge I walked into a hidden cave and picked up a little journal,as I glanced around my reflection appeard in a little puddle of ice.Jet black hair spilled into a snow pale heart shaped face,rose red lips,high cheek bones and pale gray blue eyes with cat like pupils and long eyelashes framing them. I got up and walked out raising my hand in the air and saying my traveling blizzard summoning word,"Machsa.",a large white blizzard surrounded me and next thing I new I was standing in the meeting room off the Winters Knights with three other people.Two tall guys and a slender and taller than me girl.

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