7 Coloured Hoods

Thank you everyone who wanted to write along! ^_^ Please enjoy writing, having fun & comment!
It's based off the story of Little Red Riding Hood, with some differences. The Hood family have 7 children, all representing the colours of the rainbow.

Credit to these awesome people: ♪animegirl3, JayStarJayFeather, ♪Squirtle831, MusicFan, Drvamiregirl, ♪books, ♪Lynx_Minx, vanessac222, ♪TheSpecter, ♪Alexis117, feonikks, ♪doublerainbowe, suspense7 & ♪WatchMeBurn!!

Chapter 1

The Hood Cast

by: Cozy_Glow
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( Currently writing tagged with a '♪' )

Name: Grent (♪ animegirl3) (JayStarJayFeather) (♪ Squirtle831)
Gender: Male (Green)
Age: 13
Personality: quiet, quick, sneaky(idk if thats a personality, but he is), emotional(for a boy, that is), snappy when mad
Like to Siblings: caring, yet really snappy when they put him in a bad mood
Other: has dirty blonde hair with green streaks and green eyes. he connects the best with Red & Violet.
Power/Element: Earth

Name: Indigo (♪ Lynx_Minx)
Gender: Female (Indigo)
Age: 16
Personality: Kind, loving, happy
Like to Siblings: Loves all her sibilings
Other: She loves flowers and shinny stones, she loves being in the out doors
Power/Element: Ice

Name: Violet (♪ Alexis117)
Gender: Female (Violet)
Age: 19
Personality: sarcastic, smart, calm, troublemaker, quiet
Like to Siblings: Depends on how they act to him/her
Other: loves to read and is very creative
Power/Element: Weather

Name: Stephanie (MusicFan) (Drvampiregirl) (♪ books)
Gender: Female (Yellow)
Age: 15
Personality: Bubbly, fun, cool and cute. Sarcastic at times, but mostly funny. Also really good sister.
Like to siblings: Loves them all.
Other: Loves to draw, go exploring and try to make good perfume scents.
Power/Element: Wind

Name: Oliver (vanessac222) (♪ TheSpecter)
Gender: Male (Orange)
Age: 18
Personality: Guarded, doesn't open up very much. Shy, strong. Only opens up to the-valerie-related-person. :D If you know what I mean, I mean Valerie as a boy. :P
Like to siblings: Uh, not really much.
Other: Had been struck by a bear while exploring, and a deep scar runs down his back. Something unpleasant had happened to him when he was little, and that's why he doesn't open up.
Power/Element: Light

Name: Blue (feonikks) (suspense7) (♪ WatchMeBurn) (♪ doublerainbowe)
Gender: Male (Blue)
Age: 18
Personality: Very independent, strong, hardheaded, stubborn, creative.
Liking Toward Siblings: He can tolerate them, but he tends to go off on his own. He isn't very close to them unless there is a crisis, or directly spoken to.
Other: He had a past girlfriend named Jasmine, but she died from a bear attack when they was fifteen. He has since then been scarred, and the only time he liked to spend was while hunting. It's why he's so quiet.
Power/Element: Water

Name: Red
Gender: Male (Red)
Age: 17
Personality: Adventurous, kind, bossy.
Like to Siblings: Loves his siblings, but can be a bit over protective or bossy.
Other: Likes grossing out his sisters & teasing his brothers, but he loves them lots.
Power/Element: Fire


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