A Huge Thank You- My OVER 1 Year Anniversary!!! (With a few shoutouts to my ever-so-amazing friends)

If you're reading this, thank you so much. If you were here I'd hug you to death. You're all awesome!

Chapter 1


I just realized I've been a member for over a year! O.o

Almost a month over, too! (even bigger O.o)

I want to say thank you to all of my super amazing, awesome, cool, talented, inspiring, wonderful and funny Quibblo friends. I love you guys to PLUTO and back. That's a lot.

And now for some super spectacular, special, and sappy shoutouts!

Katie- Oh, Katie-Poo. What is there to say? Everyone who meets you absolutely loves you, and it's not hard to see why. You are just so amazing. You were one of my very first Quibblo friends, and I must say I'm glad. We have tons of inside jokes (Knickers! Tangfastics! Your Password! Rock and rule!) and recently, a very long conversation over drafts (which has been very fun). If you ever deleted your account, I'd miss you like CRAZY! I really want to meet you one day, you kind, silly, funny, talented girl. Mwah! Love you, Hacking Buddy! PS- My name is Tash. Comprehend? Si? ;P

Annemarie- I really hope you read this. You are such a sweet girl, and I'm so proud to be your friend. You always talk about how you think you need to be better, thinner, "cooler," whatever, but really? You are amazing, just the way you are. You aren't on much, which worries me. I don't want to lose you. I love you, girl.

Sofi- Another one of my first Quibblo friends, you are a crazy cool girl. I love reading your stories, your quizzes are awesome, and you are an amazing artist. Thanks for being such a good friend and just being so smart, kind, considerate, thoughtful, funny, and understanding.

Brie- You are super funny, crazy and "awezum." You always make me laugh and smile, and I'm really glad I sent you that friend request. Plus, I learn plenty of new spellings for words (lots of z's) from you! :P

Danielle- I remember when I first read your story Struck By Your Spell. I was like, Whoa. Her writing is amazing. Then, when I became friends with you, I was like, Whoa. That girl is so cool. And when you posted on my profile, or replied to a comment I made, I was like, Whoa. She's talking to me :P

Kenzie- I always have fun talking to you and hacking with you. Actually, I think you were the first person I hacked! What an honor, right? XD But really, thanks for being funny, nice and honest. Oh yeah, and thanks for telling me about blue milk and such. It works.

Umm. Anyone else reading this.- Thanks for writing amazing stories, making amazing quizzes, asking amazing questions, encouraging me, helping me, talking to me, and being my friend. I heart thee.

And if I didn't mention your name, you may feel free to call me lazy. I am.


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