What happened to me today :( It was so strange and seems like something that would happen in a dream :( I would be grateful for your reassurance and advice guys :)

So, I know it's long but you guys on here are real good at given out advice and reassurance and stuff, so it would be much appriciated :)
Also, I must point out that I do not want any attention and I don't want this to seem like a sympathy vote.
Oh, and sorry for any speeling and/or grammar mistakes.

Thanks guys :) xxxx

Chapter 1

What Happened...

So yesterday I felt really sad and down but I don't know why (I told some of you that) and I felt the same today. I was really sad but I don't know why, my life's absolutley fine at the moment!! I think it's something to do with being a teenager and hormones or that I might come on my period soon.

Anyway, college is absolutley fine. I have thee most amazing friends there, I'm soo grateful as school was a nightmare.
But I get depressed by them easily due to jealousy. I know that sounds really bad, but it's true. They always go on about money and when they're going shopping and they always have designer stuff, even if it is a pair of converses or something. As well, we're all at that age when we can drive and pretty much everybody's parents are buying them a car or paying the insurance for them. Basically my family can't afford to buy me designer stuff or a car-and I'm perfectly fine with that. It's just when they say it it's like aaahhhh, I suck!
Another thing is that they always go on about their boyfriends or ex's. I've never had one-but yet again, I'm fine with that. It's just when people say things it makes you realise what you're missing out on.

As I've already said, well written, they're aamazing friends and they don't mean any harm to it, they just talk :)
But yeah anyways what happened today was that were just talking about stuff and I couldn't join in; usually I would but I was already depressed so I was just quiet. Two of my friends went to the shop and I went with them and I was like okay guys I'm going home now. And they were like no stay, why you going and all that. Then one of them was like is it because you have no money and you're hungry? I'll give you a tenner (£10). That made me feel even worse!!

To be honest they all looked pretty concerned. As I left I cried, I cried on the train and when I was walking home, but when I got home I was absolutley fine.....
Now I feel normal again, and I can't believe that I just walked out on all of them without telling them why (even though I didn't even know why). Hence why it seems like a dream because I would never do something like that. ALthough I never went to school, but that was a waste of time anyway lol.
Strange, isn't it......


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