Harry Potter, Who?

I'm just an average girl, quite shy actually. I guess
I can be classified as a nerd, but most people say I'm
too stupid to be one. As I was running away from that idiot
Malfoy, I met a boy who seems to be famous to others, but a
normal boy to me.

Chapter 6

Going to Hogsmeade

Harry and I both tried to ask McGonagall if she would let us go, but as I hoped she said no, it was too dangerous for Harry to be outside the castle. So, we did what any normal people would do. We got out his dad's invisibility cloak, and we were planning on sneaking out. We made it all the way outide to the courtyard, but I saw our feet were leaving marks in the snow. Before we could react, our arms were being lifted and we were being carried back inside.

Fred and George stood there, and they took off the cloak. Long story shortened, they gave us a cool map that showed secret areas and where everyone is in Hogwarts. They left, so we got back under the cloak and started to walk through a passage.

"This is so cool!" I commented.

"What else can you expect from Fred and George?" We both quietly laughed, then peeked through the floorboards of some shop. We waited for the man to go back upstairs, before we got up and we crept up the stairs. We were in the candy shop! Neville was standing with Kylie, trying to look cool, when Harry reached out and took the lollipop from him, which made Kylie giggle and wink in my direction. Harry brought the lollipop under the cloak, then he gave it to me. We saw Malfoy and his friends talking with Hermione and Ron, and knowing Malfoy it wasn't a very good chat. Harry and I threw a few snowballs at them, then some... interesting things happened. In the end, Malfoy left screaming. We walked up behind Hermione and Ron, so I started playing with Ron's scarf, causing him to freak out, while Hermione was laughing.

"Harry! Maddy!" She laughed. We came out from the cloak, and started laughing with them.

"I want to go get candy." I said randomely.

"Let's go then." Ron said. I put the hood to my jacket up, and Harry put on the cloak. Soon, I saw his footsteps start to lead the wrong way.

"Harry!" I called after him. He didn't reply. I saw him go into an odd looking place, where I saw some others like McGonagall go too. That wasn't very good...

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