Harry Potter, Who?

I'm just an average girl, quite shy actually. I guess
I can be classified as a nerd, but most people say I'm
too stupid to be one. As I was running away from that idiot
Malfoy, I met a boy who seems to be famous to others, but a
normal boy to me.

Chapter 2

Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

"MADDY! WAKE UP WE'RE HERE!" Someone shouted at me. I slowly opened my eyes, then looked outside. Kylie was right, we were at school already! I quickly got up, then got Peanut into her cage and I walked off the train with Kylie.
"Why didn't you wake me sooner?" I asked as we got on the carriages.
"You looked tired." She shrugged. We stayed silent after that, until we got to the
castle. She smiled at me, took my hand, and she dragged me to the Great Hall with everyone else. She and I went our seperate ways then, as I was in
Gryffindor, and she was put in Hufflepuff. I finally saw Dana sitting at the table
looking bored, so I walked over to her and sat next to her.
"Dana, I'm hungry." I stubbornly said. I circled my finger around my empty plate,
and sighed. Finally, everyone was inside and Dumbledore began his long
speech. Eventually, after spacing out for a while, he had finished and food was
appearing on everyone's tables.
I grabbed some good-looking food, then I just ate it. Nobody could ever
compare to Hogwart's food. It tasted... Magical! When Dana and I finally
finished, we walked out of the Great Hall, then we were walking up and down
random staircases together. We stood in the middle of some, then waited for
them to move. We're 13, not mature adults! After sharing many laughs, Dana
had to go meet Mary somewhere. We said goodbye, then I was left alone.
"Oh look, it's little Madelyn the Mudblood." I froze at those words. I turned
around to see Draco and his two interestingly named friends standing there.
"Leave me alone Draco." I backed up.
"Why? I'm not giving any harm." He smiled. That pig!
"Goodbye." I said. I turned to run away, but he stopped me.
"Going away to your four only friends? Bet they don't want to see you. I bet
they're celebrating the moment you're not clinging to them." He said. I got some tears welled up in my eyes, but I didn't want him to have the satisfaction of seeing me cry.
"Go on Mudblood, go to your best friend up in your Common Room. What's her name?" He asked.
"Her name is Kylie." I muttered.
"No, I mean your real best friend. Her name... Pelican? Pea? Oh, Peanut!" I couldn't take it anymore, I started crying. That has always been my weakness, my emotional side. I yanked my arm out of his, and quickly tried to wipe away my tears. I looked at him one last time, before running down the stairs and out to the courtyard. I didn't look to see where I was heading, my eyes were too blurred from my crying. All of a sudden, I bashed into someone, and we fell to the floor. When I looked to my right to see who I had knocked down, my heart almost stopped. It was none other than the famous one, Harry Potter.

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