Harry Potter, Who?

I'm just an average girl, quite shy actually. I guess
I can be classified as a nerd, but most people say I'm
too stupid to be one. As I was running away from that idiot
Malfoy, I met a boy who seems to be famous to others, but a
normal boy to me.

Chapter 1

Getting to School

"Mum! Hurry up, I'm going to be late!" I screamed to my mum, who was falling behind with my bags.
"Honey, we're perfectly on time. Here is Peanut, and here is her little bag." She gave me Peanut's little carry-on bag. Peanut is my big, fluffy cat, I couldn't live without her!
"Goodbye Mum. I'll write you tons, gotta get to the train!" I yelled through the crowd. She kissed me on the forehead, then almost literally pushed me onto the train. I stumbled inside, then tried to find an empty compartment. They were either full, or filled with people I don't like. I finally found a nearly empty compartment, with my only friends laughing inside.
"Maddy!" They all chorused. We all hugged, then I sat with the four of them with Peanut on my lap.
"Guess what I found out?" My best friend, Kylie suealed.
"What?" We all asked.
"Harry Potter is in the compartment RIGHT next to us!" She yelled.
"Wait, who?" I asked.
"Remember? He's the one who had that flying car last year with his friend Ron. He's also the one who killed a horcrux. I pointed him out to you! He's hot!" My other friend, Mary said.
"Doesn't ring a bell." I shrugged.
"He's also the one who survived the killing curse as a baby! He pretty much killed Voldy." My last friend, Dana said. Voldy is our nickname for You-Know-Who, because that's too hard to say.
"Whatever." I sighed and leaned back. Peanut must've seen a mouse or rat, because she jumped off my lap and ran out of the door. I should've closed that! I ran after her, to see she went right into the compartment next door.
"Peanut! Come back here!" I walked into the compartment, to see two boys, a man, and a frizzy-haired girl staring back at me. Well, not the man, he was asleep.
"Um... Hi... That's um... Sorry! My cat... I... Yeah okay I'll just go now." I stuttered. I grabbed Peanut and ran out of the compartment, and back into mine. I shut the door, and took a deep breath. Suddenly, it became freakishly cold.
The lights shut off, and I instinctively shrunk into the corner. I HATE the dark. We opened the door slowly, and I saw a black scary figure float into the compartment next door. Wow, that's not very good.

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