Chapter 1

i luv u brendan!

Omg! So, i heard that everyone was going out for February Break, butwe couldnt cuz our parents were too busy to make plans. Brendan got permission from our parents, Ethans friends parents(Mike), Nikkis parents, James' parents(hes ryans friend), and his friends parents(Max) to take us allto Hersheys park! Now you may think Im lying, and i dont really blame you, but they all trust Brendan. To get money to buy a car, he used to baby sit, dog walk, and car washing, and all our friends came to him. Hes using our parents car, which is one of those cars with three rows. We even have the seating arranged. In my moment of giddyness, ill tell you. Brendan and Max will be in the drivers and passengers. Since the second row only has two seats, Ethan and Mike will sit there. Nikki, me, James and ryan will sit in the back row. And when i was little, i hid a box under tye second row of chairs, since i loved the back, and im filling it with a bu ch ofcandies for the ride!!!! I FRICKIN LOVE YOU BRENDAN!!!


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