Crush Chain Story. (Read intro)

So basically you just write a little about your crush and pass it on.

Chapter 1


About Noah:

Height: 5'6"
Weight: Idk..... and idc.
Hair Color: Light brown
Eyes: Dark green
Favorite color:I think brown
Does he have any siblings: Yes, 1 little sister
What is he like?: He is the class clown. Every girls dream. Football player, Major prep, drinks, Crazy, and very flirty
Is he like you: In every way possible
Are you two compatible?: I think soo
Does he like you back?: Thinking Maybe?
What sort of pain would you go through for him?: Let's just put it this way..... I would die for him.
How long have you known each other?: 4 years
How long have you liked him?: I liked him in 3rd grade, and then we kinda faded away from each other in 4th and 5th. Then in sixth I realized I loved him.
What is his stereotype?: Prep
Do you think you are in love? I believe so yes.

Thanks for reading!!!

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