The Games.

The Games.

This is a new group story that I'm writing with none other than prettyandunsure! It's about a girl named Avery who gets kidnapped to compete in games for freedom and to live.

Chapter 1

Avery Hemlock.

Name: Avery Hemlock.
Age: 13
Hair: Straight, Raven hair, Sweeping curls.
Eyes: Icy, light blue.
Height: 5"2"
Strengths: Lying, Agile, Speed, Charming, Singing.
Weaknesses: Mazes, Singing in front of people.
Personality: Shy, Empowered, Caring, Defensive, Strong, Insecure, Emotional
Bio: Goth girl with a terrible family and past, a few close friends but can she trust them? Good grades especially in Creative Writing and Gymnastics.

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