Funny Moments in Malaysia :)

Funny Moments in Malaysia :)

I'm going to share with you funny moments that I'll NEVER forget and they are memories that i experienced in Malaysia (yup truly Asia) ^^

Chapter 1

no one understands us ?!

by: Halolly
FYI I'm Arabian :P anyways in Malaysia there's this Arab street with many Arabic restaurants so we went to have lunch over there and btw we went to Malaysia as a school trip...
anyways we finished eating our lunch and hurried outside while our aunts and teachers were still inside so unexpectedly my couzin (girl) started a fight with a boy who was with us and they kept hitting each other (cat fight to be specific!!) until he accidentally hit her on her boobs ( oops! ) LOL so she got mad and just left the crime scene!!
THEN her sister started to speak out for her she was like (don't you know that u hit a sensitive part of her body??) and he was like ... ( girls DONT have a sensitive part in their body!! ) i couldn't believe what i was hearing so to make them SHUT UP i told them that someone might hear us so my couzin was like (nooooo... nobody can understand us).
The funny part is someone suddenly spoke to us he said calmly ( I DO ) !!
WTF he was watching us all long as if he's watching a movie !!

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