The Influence of Darkness:The Immortals Final Stand

Group Story:ThistleTheBunny,therobberduck521,wolves_anonymus
The Immortals have been hunted into almost extinction,the few that remain are weak and powerless against the humans' strength and number..until the old powers show up.Now four immortals set out to destroy the man who ruined their world.

Chapter 1

Zay Archer

Smoke.The sharp scent of smoke,burning flesh and the sharp cries comming from what was left of the human camp combined to form a nightmarish scene.I stood,perfectly still,watching.This was some of my work,and no doubt they would realize that..when they found the arrow.Then they would hunt me,but it's not like they can trap a shadow.

I smirked,watching for a few more seconds before turning my back on the scene.Those men were the killers that belonged to the man I called NightHunter.They didn't deserve to live,no,not after destroying my people and my family.I picked up my bow and quiver,slinging my back over my shoulder I observed the scene once more and started walking.I could hide,vanish from sight,yes.But my Shadow powers would only protect me as long as it was dark,and the sun would be rising soon.And now I could hear the shouts of new arrivals.So the Hunters had gotten a call out before the fire got them.I smirked.Not like it would do them good now.The camp was already consumed by the flames.

I was ready to go,but I wanted to see what the Hunters would say.A man,tall and broadshouldered picked up a smouldering arrow that I had left.I knew he realized it was me."Archer."He muttered and snapped the arrow with a sharp twist of his fingers."She'll pay for this."

I hid a smile,Try and catch me.The man turned to the Hunters gathered around."Well?Don't just stand there.Find her! If I know Archer,she'll be somewhere watching."He growled.The Hunters scattered and I shrank back into the shadows cast by a willow as a Hunter passed within inches from me.

He paused,his head whipping around to stare at the spot where I stood,concealed.I barely had time to lunge at him and cover his mouth before he could get out a scream.With a swift,practiced movement I slit his throat and ran.

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