things that annoy me

im bored

Chapter 1

things that annoy me

1. waking up early
2. being woken up
3. people being noisey while im trying to sleep
4. people maing a ton of noise in the morning
5. how my bed seems really uncomfortable when im trying to sleep
6. how my bed seems really comfortable when i have to get out of bed
7. bright lights when i wake up
8. how everyhings freezing cold outside of my bed
9. when ive just got into bed and i forgot to brush my teeth

10. people who repetivly ask if im ok
11. people who talk to me when im listning to music
12. people who stand and stare at me until i say hi or something to them
13. people who dont listen to me
14. people who expect me to repeat everything i say a million times
15. people who wont admit when there wrong
16. people who complain obout things that are there own fault
17. people who chrack there knuckles
18. people who click there tongues
19. people who whistle
20. people who whistle even though they sound like a dying smoke alarm
21. people who cant follow a simple train of thought
22. people ho call something shiit even though theve never heard of it
23. people who eat with there mouth open
24. people who make to much noise when they eat
25. people who scrape there cutelry across there plate
26. people who change there phone number constantly
27. people who whine because you should ring them on the "new" phone number
28. people who dont ansew there phones
29. people who talk to much
30. people who dont realise how boring they are
31. people who judge others
32. people who repeat themselves
33. people who change there mind constantly and expect me to keep up
34. people who get in my personal space
35. people who think they know everyhing but are as dumb as shiit
36. people who think i care about what someone i dont know did
37. people who are suck ups
38. people who bullshit
39. people who talk over tv programmes
40. people who repeat something said on the tv while were watching it
41. people who read out whats n the tv screen
42. people who repeat the same joke continuosly when it wasnt funny in the first place
43. people who do duck face in photos
44. people who are hipocritical
45. people who interfer in things that are none of there bussiness
46. people who get involved in things without knowing all the facts
47. people who eat meat but refuse to watch a video showing where it comes from
48. people who take the piss out of my for being vegetarien
49. people who think there better than everyone else
50. people who talk behind my back
51. people who act like whores
52. people who act dumb
53. girls who talk in that really annoying little girl voice
54. people who plaster on so much make up they look orange
55. people who are incapable of making a desision
56. people who expect me to add stuff up for them when they go shopping
57. people who walk really slowly
58. people who stand in door ways
59. people who stand infront of the stairs in my way
60. people who suddenly stop while walking
61. people who harm animals
62. people who think animals are stupid

63. when my mum has one rule for my brother another for me
64. when my mum yells at me for leaving something on the kitchen tabble for 5 seconds
65. when my mum nags at me the second i get home
66. when my mum nags at me for thins that arnt even my fault

67. that my university made me go on a work placement far from where i live
68. that i have to live with housemates
69. that i cant see my rabbit nearly as much as i want to
70. that i have noone to go shopping with
71. that the cooker where i live now burns everything if u dont constantly check it
72. that theres no burger king here
73. that theres no good takeaway shops here

74. when i cant find something i want
75. when people move my stuff
76. when i put something down for 5 secs and its lost forver

77. when its to hot
78. when its to cold
79. when it rains

80. when someone messes up my order
81. when my computers slow
82. when the internets slow
83. when programs are not responding
84. when i run out of chocolate
85. when my mp3 runs out of battery
86. when something crashes before I’ve saved my work
87. coursework
88. exams
89. homework
90. when I cant stop sneezing
91. when my nose wont stop running
92. hiccups
93. anyone touching me
94. when the water wont stay hot when I have a shower
95. when I drop things
96. when food gets stuck in-between my teeth
97. when stuff gets in my eye
98. inpatient people
99. stupid rules that make no sense
100. having to do cleaning

im getting bored of listing them
many more things annoy me
can any of you make a bigger list?


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