The Strength To Say Goodbye

The Strength To Say Goodbye

When I first saw you, I was afraid to meet you
When I first met you, I was afraid to kiss you
When I first kissed you, I was afraid to love you
But now that I love you...
I'm afraid to lose you

Chapter 1


by: Subrina

"Elena, stop!" I said, running towards the end of the roof. Her long brown hair swam in the cool wind as she looked over the balcony of a 30 story building. I ran to her, but she turned around and held up a gun. I stopped. Her eyes were sad and her voice was weak as she spoke.

"Don't come any closer Anthony, or I'll shoot you." She said, her voice quivering. My girlfriend had just threatened to kill me. I held up my hands and stopped. Elena's dark purple eyes shone with fresh tears.

"Elena..." I said, almost crying myself. "Why are you doing this? Please, don't jump, I'll do anything..." I said, my voice rising in panic. She just smiled at me.

"One day you'll understand Anthony." She looked down. "One day, we'll meet again." She took a backwards step closer to the edge, and I heard someone scream from below. The tears escaped and I took a step closer. Her hand tightened on the gun, but she didn't raise it.

"Elena..." I said, barely able to talk. "I don't want to lose you. Not like this." My voice broke. She smiled again and more tears streamed down her beautiful face.

"Like I said, we'll meet again." She closed her eyes. "Goodbye Anthony. I love you." She said. Elena leaned backward and let herself fall.

So what do you think? I promise the other chapters won't be nearly this short. Leave comments and suggestions below! :D

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