Love Does Not Envy- Mindless Behavior

Love Does Not Envy- Mindless Behavior

Another amazing love story about finding love. Except with MB! Yall don't know Mindless Behavior here's a link or two.

They were dope weren't they? Yeah i told you so!

Chapter 5

Here Goes Everything

My head started to slide down and i felt myself being carried bridal style. I Opened my eyes and Ray Ray was carrying me to my room. He told me to go back to sleep but instead i layed my head on his chest and watched where he was going. I opened the door for him and he threw me onto my bed. "Ouch!" i said. "Haha" he laughed. I flipped him off and he laughed again and said "I knew you weren't quiet". I rolled over and pulled the cover up. "What tine is it?" i asked. "Like almost eight am" He replied. "Aight" i yawned. I looked up and he was in tee shirt and boxers laying in Jayden's bed fast asleep. I smiled and closed my eyes. I went to sleep.

"Alexandria Alexis Jazmond Bieber I'm going to kill you!!!!" a voice yelled. I jumped up and looked at the time it was three pm. Ray Ray was leaning up scratching his eyes. My heart started beating extremely fast. I jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs. I turned the corner and went toward the guest room. My mom and dad were standing in the door way red in the face. My dad was staring at the boy lying in jazzy's room on the floor. My dad glanced at me flaring his nostrils and went to the other bedrooms and saw the different guys in each bedroom.

"Who are these people in my house!" my mother exclaimed

"Mindless Behavior?" i said trying to smile.

"Did u have a party or something?! Why are they here and in bedrooms with the girls?" my dad asked making his hand into a fist.

"Uhh... I had a party. But we cleaned up and stuff!" i said in my defense.

When my mom began to protest Jazzy was awake and standing next to my father saying "But they came for a few hours as a surprise for Teyanna, Alex, and I. But turns out sonething happened to their plane tickets and their hotel room and they cant get a flight or hotel room because they dont have the money"

"How long?" my mom asked.

"A few months" i replied apprehensively.

"I dont have a problem with that part. But why are they rooming with the opposite gender!!" my dad screamed.

The guys woke up and were nervous. "No uhh.. There wasnt enough room for them in the same room.

"Nah fvck that Alexandria. They will room together!" my dad said.

"Yes sir" i said.

"Hold on Justin... 1,2,3.. Arent there four of them?" my mom asked.

Ray Ray was now standing behind me saying "Oh i was In the bathroom".

My nerves calmed down when he said that.

"No more same gender room sharing" my dad said with intesense eyes.

"What do you mean? By that do you really expect them ALL to stay here?" my mom asked.

"Yeah where else are they gunna go?" my dad asked.

"We'll talk about this over dinner" my mom said.

She stormed out of the room with my dad following after her. I walked sadly up the stairs. My face red hot with embarassement. Ray Ray was calling after me and followed me. I went to my room and started to close the door. He stopped the door and came in. He closed the room door and stood infront of it. I sat down on my bed and crossed my legs. I cried silently. I turned my head so he couldn't hear or see me cry. I was so embarassed that my parents would just yell at me like that. He sat on the bed next to me. "You didn't have to come up here" i said.

"Well i felt kinda bad so i..." he started.

"Please leave i don't need you to see me cry" i replied wiping away a tear.

"I was just tryna.." he started again.

"Please just do it" i replied.

He stalled for a second and then got up. He trudged to the door and grabbed the knob. He started to say something but then just turned the knob and left shutting the door behind him. I wiped my face and my stomach grumbled loudly. I'm starving i thought to myself. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth quickly. I showered and then put on this: I went down stairs and my mom was in the kitchen cooking. I smiled at her and she awkwardly smiled back. I walked toward the guest room and knocked on the door. "Come in" several voices said. I opened the door. Jazzy, Teyanna, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal were all sitting in the room. Their eyes were all locked on me. I smiled awkwardly and closed the door behind me. I sat down on the floor near Jazzy. "Wassup guys" i said awkwardly.

"Nothin' much" Prince said.

"Chillin'" Prodigy said.

"Nun" Roc Royal said.

"Sorry yall about that" i said looking at all of the guys.

"Nah" Roc Royal said.

"It's okay" Prince said.

"No problem" Ray Ray said.

"Aight enough of this awkward stuff" Jazzy said.

"Yeah it's like almost five" Teyanna said.

"Where's Jacob?" I asked.

"He left like a while ago... His ma went all psycho on him cuz he wasn't home" Jazzy said.

"Ohhh" i replied.

"So it's Winter break what're we gunna do the whole time" Teyanna said.

I gestured her to look at all the hot guys in the room and Jazzy looked at her like she was a dumby. Teyanna smiled deviously and i replied with a "Not that ya nasty!".

She laughed and was like "Damn ruin all the fun". I rolled my eyes at her and Jazzy put her head down and shook her head in dissapointment.

"You think your mom will let us stay?" Prodigy asked me.

"Yeah my mama always give in fast" i said.

"YALL COME EAT!!!" my mom screamed.

We all rose up and left the room. Teyanna shut the door behind us and we all went to the living room. "THE FORMAL DINING ROOM PLEASE" she yelled again. I led them to the back door and to the pool house. We walked past the pool and then turned a corner. I unlatched the fence and opened it. We walked down the cobble stone path and i unlocked the pool house. We walked through the living room of the pool house and then we walked down a long hallway and into the foyer. We turned right and the formal dining room was dressed up again like it was Thanksgiving. There was all types of food sitting on the table along with special plates, silver ware, cups, and the table cover that we don't usually use. The hell is going on! i thought to myself. I sat down in my regular seat and everyone else found their own seats. My dad was already sitting at the head of the table. My mom came and sat down resisting eye contact with anyone at the table. "Bless the food" my mom said. My dad mumbled a quick prayer and we said amen.

The guys thanked my mom for the food and she smiled. "They can stay" she mumbled. "Seriously!" i exclaimed. "Si. But i'm not playing if somebody get pregnant in this house yall all gunna die!" she yelled pointing at everyone at the table. My dad looked over at Princeton, Roc royal, prodigy, and last Ray Ray. He nodded at him respectfully and put his head down. "Thanks so much fro letting us stay Mrs. Bieber, we really appreciate it!" Princeton said. She mhmmed him and took a spoonful of rice. "Since yall are young men and not boys i would like to call you guys by your real names" my dad said. They all looked at eachother and shrugged. "jacob perez" Princeton said. "Trey Young" Roc Royal said. "Craig Crippen junior" Prodigy said. "Raquan Rayson" Ray ray said last. Jazzy, Teyanna, and I exchanged looks that said "Already knew dat bro!!". We smiled at eachother with fangirlness.

We finished dinner in silence. When everyone went back to the house i stayed and helped my wonderful gracious mommy with the dishes. I dried, she washed. "Te amo mami mucho" i said leaning my head on her shoulder. "Te amo" she replied patting my head.

"You like the braided one do ya?" she said with a large smile.

"Ma!! How did you know!" i replied embarassed.

"A mother knows" she said shrugging her shoulders.

"Yeah.. He seems like he's... Not really liking me ya know?"

"You never know... He might not be sure if he wants to ask u out"

"How will i get hin to make up his mind?"

"Take a chance, be spontaneous, interest him, and most importantly be yourself"

"Gracias mami" i said drying the last dish. I kissed her cheeck and dashed out if the pool house.

I entered the house through the back door and opened the Guest room door. The first thing i saw was Princeton/Jacob and Jazzy locking lips. They stopped and Jacob began to blush. I closed the door and locked it. "Continue but next time maybe you should lock the door!" i said. Jazzy laughed and they continued to make out. Ray Ray/Raquan was sitting on the bed, Prodigy was in the other room callin' hogs in his sleep, and Roc Royal/Trey, Jazzy, Jacob, and Teyanna were sitting in a circle. I smiled and sat next to Raquan. "What's up" i asked him.

"Chillin'" he said.

I looked over at the four-some and then back at him. "Haha you haven't kissed anyone yet have you?" i replied.

He smiled and said "No"

I smiled back and scooted just a little bit closer to him.

"Yall wanna play?" Jazzy asked.

"Depends on what it is" Raquan and i said simultaneously.

"Ohh.. Just some truth or dare.. But Jazzy style" she replied. She had a devious grin spread across her face.

I shook my head and said "Sure if Raquan will play".

He wiped his hands on his jeans nervously and shrugged his shoulders. I sat down next to Teyanna and Raquan sat across from me. I glanced at him momentarily and looked back at the iphone that was in the middle of all of us. "Okay so all u gotta do is spin the iphone and whatever name it lands on u pick truth or dare but u have to kiss whoever the middle button of the iphone points to" Jazzy said. She then whispered in my ear that she rigged it so it would land on the person you like. I looked at her with the most pissed eyes. Damn you Jazmond! I can't back out now i thought to myself. She laughed and then Teyanna spun the iphone. It pointed to Trey and she smiled. She picked truth.

"Admit something embarassing that you've done in front of someone you've liked" Teyanna said. "Oh my goodness. Okay so there was this guy that i like and i was staring at him and next thing i new i was locking lips with the wall".

"Hahaha Yeah i remember that!!" i cackled.

"Me too that was hilarious! haha" Jazzy giggled.

"That was so embarassing" Teyanna said.

"Don't forget that the middle button landed on me" Trey said.

"How could i?" she replied.

They leaned over and started to make out. They didn't even softly kiss first they just got to it. It seemed like hours. "Yo other people wanna go" I said annoyed. They pulled away and Trey wiped his mouth and fist pounded Jacob. I spun the ipod and it landed on Raquan. I chose Truth and read it aloud "Admit one desire that no one knows". I took a breath and said "I want to be a singer".

"We all know that" Jazzy said

"Nuh uh they don't" i said. She brushed me off and i said "Aight Jacob your turn".

"Nah Alex you have to kiss Raquan" Jacob said.

I moved my hair out of my face and he leaned in. I met him half way and he softly brushed his lips against mine. I didn't want to move to fast so i held my position just in case he wanted to kiss me again. He crushed his lips against mine and we bagan to make out. Butterflies were swarming around in my tummy and i felt his hand touch my face gently. I twirled his braids around with my fingers and we got more intense. He sat up and i followed him and he pressed his body against mine. I put my hand gently on the back of his neck and the kiss got even more hot. I pulled away and sat back down with a smile spread all across my face. I looked at him and he was smiling from ear to ear. "Whoooo!!!!!!!!!!!" Jazzy cheered. "Go girl" Teyanna said. I looked over at Jacob and Trey and they're mouths were almost on the floor. "Well damn!" Jacob said. "I ain't know you had it in ya" Trey said. "Jacob your go" Raquan said still smiling.

Jazzy POV

I watched Jacob spin the iphone and it landed on me as planned. He picked Dare. "Do something to your crush that will make him/her smile" he read a loud. I was having a heart attack on the inside but was calm on the outside. I crossed my legs and sat up straight, preparing for the awesomeness that was going to be bestowed upon me. Jacob smiled wide and stood up. He walked toward me, he pulled his black skinnies up and moved super close to me. So close that his zipper was in my face. He put his hands up and started to grind in my face. I had the biggest desire to zip his pants down. I kept my composure and watched what was a flat surface behind his zipper grow larger and larger with every movement.

He stopped and leaned down and kissed my lips gently. Staring deep into my eyes he groped my thighs and bit his lip. He backed away and sat back down. Alex and Teyanna were just sitting there with there mouths agape. "DAYYUUUMM!!!" Alex said. I smiled wide and said "Trey your go".

Teyanna POV

I could not believe what just happened. She is lucky as hell. If Jacob was gunna do that i wonder what Trey got in store for me. Trey spun the iphone and it landed on me as i expected. He picked Dare and read a loud "Go into a closet with the person in front of you for ten minutes and have the person next to you time it". A smile was plastered on my face. He grabbed my hand and lead me to the empty closet. He turned back around and gave Jacob a thumbs up. "Aight ten minutes start... NOW" Jacob said. Trey shut the door and imediately locked it. He grabbed me around the waist and started to kiss my neck. I was workin' so hard to not take off his clothes right then and there. I rubbed his arms and turned his face towards mine. I kissed him passionatley and he wrapped his tongue around mine. He picked me up and i wrapped my legs around him. He squeezed my thighs and i wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled him closer to me and let his hands wander.

"Times up" Jacob said. I rolled my eyes and he continued to kiss me. "Reset... the timer" i said between kisses. I heard them howl with laughter. "Seriously times up" Alex said. "We'll finish later" Trey said looking deep into my eyes. He put me down and unlocked the door. He grabbed my hand and opened the closet door. I smiled from ear to ear and sat down next to Alex. I suddenly realized that my pants were half unbottoned and so were his. We both frantically buttoned back up and i turned red in the face.

Alex's POV

All i can say about this night is that all Jazzy and Teyanna are gunna wake up pregnant and Jacob and Trey will wake up dad's. Raquan spun the iphone and it landed on me. What a surprise. He chose Dare. HELL YEAH ME NEXT!! i thought to myself. "Ask your crush three questions" he read aloud. I rolled my eyes. Damn i thought to myself. "Okay. Alex" he started. Well atleast i know that he likes me! i thought. "One, What's your favorite sport, Two, Will you go on a date with me? Three, How about six tomorow?" he asked with a gorgeous smile. "Basketball, Yes, and Yes" i said with a pretty smile. What a mutha luvin crazy night!

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