Love Does Not Envy- Mindless Behavior

Love Does Not Envy- Mindless Behavior

Another amazing love story about finding love. Except with MB! Yall don't know Mindless Behavior here's a link or two.

They were dope weren't they? Yeah i told you so!

Chapter 4

Young Wild and Free!

The party lasted almost till five am. Teyanna got her chance to dance with Roc and Jazzy with Prince. I danced briefly with Ray. I was frikkin nervous that i just screwed up the time i had with him. Better luck next time i told myself. Once everyone had left we all started clean up except for Jacob who was sitting with the guys talking. There wasn't much to clean up. Like there was a boat load of cups were scattered every where and a few plates, but other than that nah. I popped some mint gum in my mouth and applied more lip gloss on. I looked around for Jazzy to see that she was sitting next to Prince giggling and getting her flirt on. I started to call for Teyanna who was just next to me, but realized she was sitting infront of Roc cheesin' and flippin' her hair. I shook my head and went to the back door. I opened it and a rush of cold air hit me. I hurried up and threw the garbage. I shut the door quick and locked it. I shivered and went to the living room where every body was at.

"Heeeyy" i said to everyone in the room.

"Wassup" Prince said.

"Oh Ray Ray!" i said just realizing something.

"Yeah wassup Alex" Ray Ray said.

"Can you sign the back of my phone?" i asked trying not to seem like a fan girl.

"Sure you got a silver sharpie?" he asked with a smile.

Those words were music to my ears! I've always wanted this to happen. I looked around and Jazzy pulled out a silver sharpie and said "Way ahead of you on that one". I smiled and handed my phone and the sharpie. He signed it quickly and handed it back to me.

"Thanks a ton" i said smiling.

"No problem" he said with a wink.

I almost had a heart attack when he winked at me. I held my compsure as much as possible and smiled.

"Oh wait can i see that sharpie?" Princeton asked.

"Sure?" i said.

He took the sharpie and lightly grabbed Jazzy's arm. He signed his name and then wrote some numbers on her arm. "My number" he said to her with a smile. She checked to make sure it wasn't 323-319-6060. She smiled and flipped her hair.

"Aight lemme see the sharpie" Roc said.

Princeton gave Roc Royal the sharpie and he signed Teyanna's pants leg. It was a bit far up, he had to grab the inside of her thigh to hold her still and signed his number. She checked too and then winked at him. He smiled and started to blush. I grew jealous. Like damn forreal tho! i thought to myself. I sat down in front of Ray Ray and looked around awkwardly. It was silent.

"Why don't you sit next to me" Ray Ray offered.

I smiled and sat next to him carefully. He put his arm around me which gave me another heart attack.

"So what's yall favorite song by us" Prodigy asked.

I had completely forgot he was even there. "Hook It Up. That song is beast!" i said.

"Girls Talkin' Bout" Jazzy said.

"Hook It Up" Teyanna said. "MB on my necklace. J's on my feet. Money on my mind BPM on the beat" she recited.

"Ayyee" i said laughing.

"Alex?" Jazzy asked. Jazzy always would have this look on her face when she's up to something. And i saw it RIGHT NOW.

"Yes" i said.

"Who's your favorite from MB?" she asked tilting her head to the side.

I wanted to choke her about right now. "Ray Ray who else?" i said turning to look at him.

He smiled real hard and Princeton said "Awwww"

"You're so quiet why are you so quiet?" Ray Ray said. "I know you're not"

"Because i'm tryin' not to scream or have a heart attack" i said laughing a little. Princeton and Prodigy let out a howl. "That ain't funny" i said looking at them.

"My bad shawty.. it's just.... we used to it!" Prodigy said.

"Yeah girls do that all the time" Princeton said.

"Guys come on... she tryna impress her man! hahaha" Roc Royal teased.

"Ohhh yall got jokes! That's aight i got you i got you" i said.

"Yall we gotta go" Prodigy said looking at his phone.

"It was nice meeting yall" Princeton, Prodigy and Roc said.

"Bye" Teyanna, Jazzy, and I said simultaneously. Jazzy and Teyanna rose to hug them. Roc imediately put his hands on Teyanna'sbooty and she giggled silently. Jazzy whispered something in Princeton's ear and he smiled WIDE.

"It was nice meeting you Alex" Ray Ray said.

"Bye" i said waving at him.

Jacob hugged them and told them he'd see 'em later.

They piled out the door and shut it behind them. My heart sunk. I was so freaking close to gettin' Ray Ray! I sat down and stared at his signature that was freshly applied onto my phone. I had a very warm feeling in my heart about it. But, i was fvckin' pissed that i had shyed out of being Ray Ray's number one girl. I sighed and then got up and we all went to my room. Jacob covered his eyes while Jazzy, Teyanna, and I got into our pajamas. We had this on: Jacob uncovered his eyes and we all sat down on my bed. My iphone4s that was sitting on my dresser charging began to ring "Turnt up" by Lil twist. I got a text from jayden saying that he was spending the night at his girl friend Laqueeda's house. I texted back okay kool. I put my iphone4s back and sighed again.

"Where Jayden at?" Jazzy asked.

"Laqueeda house" i said.

"Ohh" Teyanna said.

"Oh my Princeton gave me his number!!" Jazzy said.

"Yall luc--" i started to say when the doorbell rang. I looked over to tell Jacob to get it, but he was asleep in Jayden's bed. We all got up and went down stairs. I went to go get the door, Jazzy went to go get a drink, and Teyanna was just bein' nosy. I looked through the peep hole and saw Princeton, Ray Ray, Roc Royal, some huge man, and Prodigy. I opened the door apprehensively. In their hands were suitcases. Behind them were a dozen more.

"Hey guys wassup" i said. Jazzy and Teyanna crowded behind me to see what was going on.

"Our hotel room is taken or something" Roc Royal said.

"Someone screwed up the booking so.." Princeton said.

"We need a place to stay" Prodigy said.

"Yall can stay here!" Teyanna said.

"Yeah how long yall stayin'" Jazzy said.

"Most likely a few months. Someone screwed up the tickets too" Princeton said.

"A few months?!! Dude my mom and dad. Yeah Justin Bieber and ___________ Bieber they're gunna be home in tomorow!" i exclaimed.

"So ur dad's cool. We toured with him remember?" Ray Ray said.

"Well yeah but--" i started.

"He'll be cool with it Alex!!" Jazzy exlaimed.

I sighed and said "aight yall can stay". "But if i go down all yall azzes comin' wit me!"

"Aight now let us in, its cold!" Ray Ray said moving me out of the way.

I moved over and they came in with what seemed like a million suit cases. I'm so fvckin dead i thought to myself. I took another breath and said "Aight uhh... There's four guest rooms and Jazzy and Teyanna practically live here which means that they get there own rooms and the other two yall have to sleep in".

"Or Roc can stay in my room with me, Prince can stay in Jazzy's room with her, Prodigy can have the other room, Jacob can stay in the last room, and last but not least Ray can stay with you in your room" Teyanna said tiliting her head.

"Took the words out of my mouth" Jazzy said. Before i could either choke Teyanna or protest Jazzy and Teyanna pulled me into the kitchen. They had a death grip on my arms and yanked me. They let go and Jazzy looked at me with intense eyes. "Look, ain't nobody gunna do what you think and you can get close to Ray!" Jazzy said.

"You put your word on that no... you know what" i said pointing a finger at her.

"Yeah" Jazzy said.

She waited for Teyanna to agree but she was standing looking around. Jazzy bumped her and Teyanna rolled her eyes. She apprehensively said "Yeah".

"Aight" i said.

We left the kitchen entered the living room. The guys' bags had been moved to their designated rooms and they were making themselves comfortable. Their jackets were put up and their shoes were off. Jacob came down stairs half sleep, walked right past the room full of teens, and to his room, slamming the door. I sat down next to Ray Ray, Teyanna sat next to Roc, and Jazzy sat on Prince's lap. I smiled and she turned red.

"Wassup" i said

"Nothin' much man" Prodigy said.

"Lets watch a movie or somethin' i'm bored" Ray Ray said.

"Aight we can rent one" i said grabbing the remote. I pivoted and layed my head in Ray's lap. I was officialy comfortable. "What movie yall wanna watch?" i asked yawning.

"Don't matter" Prodigy said half sleep.

"Whatever the ladies wanna watch" Roc said.

"Awww" i said.

"Oh snap did yall see 'Chronicle'?" Jazzy said gettin' a little excited.

"Nah, sounds good doe" Ray Ray said. He started playing with my hair a little bit. I turned my head to look at him. "Oh my bad" he said moving his fingers.

"You fine... litteraly" i said. I turned my head back to the tv and pressed play. I threw the remote onto the table. I put my hands between my knees and sighed. Before i even stopped yawning i was alseep.

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