Without You (a Harry Styles love story) read intro (Series One Story One)

Hey peoples thanks for reading this. ur name is Carly Writeman. Ur 18 years old. Your boyfriend's name is Aaron Cooper. You can sing and you play guitar. You are thinking about accepting an offer of a record deal. Tell me if it sucks or if you want more

Chapter 1

Finding Love

You screech when Harry grabs ur hand to pull you on stage. He sings the last of I Wish, looking deeply into your eyes. You are mezmerized by the green eyes you see. After the song he drags you backstage. "What's ur name? I was looking at you as much as I could." "I'm Carly Writeman." You say, blushing. "I like that smile of yours, beautiful." He says. "Thank you." Is all you mange to get out. He chuckles a little. "Lovely eyes as well." Now your face is a tomato. You knew he would be flirty. How did he end up looking at you when there were so many other girls out there?
You finally find the couch in the room that the boys are in. "Carly this is Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn." "Hi" they say. "Hello" you say. You sit on the back of the couch where people lean on it. "You sit up there alot?" Harry asks. "There are eight people living in my house. I have to sit up here." You say. They all laughed their heads off. "What's so funny? I'm confused." You say. "You. Your hilarious." Harry says.
Shes beautiful. Her green eyes are piercing. Her hair is unexplainable. Shes..... Shes unimaginable. I will see her again.
I don't understand. He was amazing. He called me pretty basically. He could have any girl in the world yet he called ME pretty. His eyes were beautiful. He could have made me faint. His hair........ perfect.
- later -
You walk into Nandos and see the boys of One Direction. You also see Aaron, your boyfriend, talking to Harry. You try to hide, but Harry sees you before you can. You make eye contact, and are torn apart by some kind of pain in his eyes. You walk over. You sit next to Aaron. "Hi. How are you?" you say to all of them. "Hi." says Harry. No emotion. Just hi. The others dont say anything. They just get up and leave. Even Aaron.
"You never told me that you had a boyfriend." Harry says. "I never thought that I would see you again. I'm really sorry Harry." you said, understanding the pain in his eyes. He thought you would be friends, and that you should have told him. "I wish you would have told me. I feel so.......... I'm not gonna tell you." Great now he was keeping stuff from you. You feel terrible. "What all did he tell you?" you ask. "Nothing. It was the way he introduced himself that told me. He introduced himself as your boyfriend, for some reason looking at me the whole time." "I'm sorry I didnt tell you. I just got so excited that I forgot. Please forgive me." "I will on one condition, but we will have to get rid of your......... boyfriend." you could tell he didnt like having to say that last word. I went over to Aaron and told him to go to my apartment and wait for me.
"Whats the condition. I hope its not that I have to jump off a bridge." you say jokingly. He laughs but not much. " He says, "Come with me. I want to show you what the condition is." You follow him out to his car. "So wut is the condition." you say. He says, "This" he leans in and kisses you passionatly. All you think is, "Harry is kissing me. Best day of my life." You dont want him to stop but he does. He hands you a stack of money and says "Cab fair. If I bring you home your........ You-know-what is going to get suspitious. Ok?" you nod. You pay the cab driver and give him the address.
I never loved Aaron so why not, you think as you make the decision. Harry obviously likes you, and you like him, so what's stopping you?
"Wow" is all you could say. I'm never gonna get a girl like her, or so you think.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" You scream when you remember yesterday. Today. Today is the day. You are going to break up with Aaron and ask Harry out. You just hope he says yes.
Suddenly your phone rings. "Hello?" You ask. "Hi uh.... its Aaron. We need to talk." He says. "I was just about to say the same thing. How about we go to Nandos when 1D isn't there." "Perfect." He says. You hang up.
You walk into Nandos and see Aaron sitting at a table, looking goofy like he normally does. "So who's going first?" You ask. "You." He says. "Ok. I think we need to break up. I just don't like the idea of 'us' anymore." "Ok. But I have to ask, does Harry have anything to do with this?" "Yea... kinda. I'm sorry but I like him and you never pay attention to me anymore." "I'm gonna leave but I promise Carly Writeman I will have you back!" He got up and left. You do too. But instead of going home, you sit in your car and call Harry.
"Hi. Meet me at Nandos. Its important." "Ok. Be there in fifteen minutes." He said. You beamed when he came in and looked at you with those eyes. "Hi. How are you?" You ask. "Good. Kinda bored though. So why am I here?" He asks. "Well, why you are here is because of this. Do you wanna go out sometime?" "Sure but what about your boyfriend? He will attack me." "What boyfriend? We broke up." He smiled that perfect smile. "Of course." "When?" "Now. I wanna take you somewhere." "Cool. Where." "You will see."
Half an our with your eyes closed and your in a park. "This is my favorite place. Its so quiet and fun at the same time." He says. "Its beautiful." You say and look at the fountain. There is a mirror on it. You look and see yourself and wonder, How can he like me, an eighteen year old girl who needs to go get a hose to calm down her wild red hair? "You are too." He says. "No I'm not." You say. "That is sad." "What is?" You ask. "You cant see it."
How can she look at herself in the mirror and not see it? Shes perfect. Now is my chance.
He leans in and kisses you so perfectly it stings. He has his hand on your cheek and your arms are around his neck. He doesn't stop until a drop of rain hits his cheek. He drives you home. "That kiss, did it mean..." "That we are now a couple? I hope so." "Me too." "So we are?" "I guess so." He says and kisses you again. You get out of the car and go in.
Your best friend is inside. "Aria what are you doing up? Its past ten." "I was waiting for you. Is it just me or do you have Harry Styles on your lips?" "Maybe." She squeals and hugs you. "Night" You say to her. "Bye." she says. "I wonder what that was all about." you say to yourself, wondering why she was acting strange. You decide to let it go and you start thinking about Harry again.
All your life you've been waiting for fireworks, and with Harry its like the Forth of July. You're goofy happy, and you have a feeling Harry is too.
Was that a dream? You woke up from a dream about Carly. But then you realize it wasnt a dream. You kissed her at the park, and now you are a couple. How happy can you get? Probably not more than this.
You get ready and go for a walk. You see Carly up ahead so you run but dont say anything. When you get beside her you put ur arm around her and say, "Hello, beautiful." She looks up and smiles at you. "Well, hello sir." she says in a fake British accent. "Ok that was terrible. You really need work." she punches your arm playfully. "Ow. That hurt." you say jokingly. She laughs and leans on you. Something about her smile. Shes perfect. "Hmmmm... Lets go to the park. I like the swings." she says. "Ok." you say.
You race to the park and go to the swings. She sits in one and asks quietly, "How come you can have any girl in the world, and yet you pick me?" "Because you are you. I got to know you backstage at that concert. And you are the most beautiful girl ever." you say. "No. That last part was way off. I'm the farthest thing from beautiful, no matter how many times you call me that." "How many times do I have to take you to a mirror to make you see?" "None. I will never see because there is nothing to see." She still cant see it. I dont understand it.
He calls me beautiful, but I know I'm not. All of a sudden my phone rings, blaring What Makes You Beautiful all through the park. Your face reddens in embarrassment as you answer. "Hello?" you ask. "Hello, this is Mr. Clark your landlord. Your rent is way overdue and if you dont pay it today im afraid you will have to move out. Goodbye." You stand there frozen, not moving. Harry walks over to you and takes the phone out of your hand. "What's wrong?" He asks. "I'm getting kicked out of my house. That explains why Aria was acting strange." You still stand there. "We have extra room at mine a Louis' flat. You can stay there." You look at him and jump up and hug him. "THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Anytime." "I'm gonna tell you somethin'. I'm considering a record deal with Simon Cowell." "WOAH THATS AWESOME. You should totally say yes." "I wasn't done. I am gonna say yes. Duh!" He leaned down and kissed you. You didn't want to stop but you had to breathe. "I could get used to this." You say. He chuckles a little. "Where to now?" "Its ur turn to pick. I picked here." "I don't really want to leave." He says. "Me neither. I like it here. Its peaceful."
You stay there and get ice cream. "Hey, Harry?" You ask, planning what you will do. "Yea?" He says. You shove your ice cream on his nose. And you run.He catches up to you and grabs you from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist. He turns you around and smacks his ice cream on your forehead. You both laugh your heads off. It starts getting dark. "I need to go get my stuff. Aria gets to stay there because she paid her half of the rent." "I'll take you. And help you pack. You can stay in the guest room at the flat." "Ok." You say.
You take her home and help her pack. She says bye to Aria, her roommate and best friend. You lead her to the flat, carrying most of her bags.
"Well this is it." You say as you enter. "Oh my goodness!!!!! You live here?!" She says. Louis runs out at her sudden exclamation. "Hi Carly." He says. "Hi Louis. I hope you don't mind me staying here." She says. "Oh no I don't mind. I think it will be fun." "Great." She says. "Let me show you to the guest room." You say.
Harry shows you the room and the rest of the flat. You absolutely love it. "When do you meet with Simon? I wanna come too." He says. "Tommorow. At 11 am. Are you gonna be awake by then?" "If I gotta." "You don't have to. But I would love it if you did." You say putting a hand on his knee. "In that case I have to."
When you decide to turn in he kisses you goodnight.
three months later
You have record deal and are doing mostly covers for a cover album. You have done some One Direction but and you and Harry did a duet. The duet was to Wouldn't Change a Thing by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. You also did Without you by David Guetta. It had become yours and Harry's song along with Wouldn't change a thing.
"I love you" you say randomly. Not planned or anything. Just BOOM. He smiled the biggest smile ever and said "I love you too." Then he kissed you passionately. Then Louis walked in with Eleanor. They slowly walk out seeing as we were busy.

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