READ. I will seriously start deleting people for this...

Read the bloody thing. If you get offended well feel free to delete yourself because I am sick of it.

Chapter 1

Reposts/Rating Bandwagon

I HATE F^CKING REPOSTS!!! Especially when people don't label them as reposts!!!

Seriously people, how hard is it to put that it's a repost?!! I mean there are some of you who are considerate of not wasting my time by labeling things as a repost while others feel the need to label them as something new and important to trick people like me into reading it.

I rarely post reposts because about 99.9% of them are freaking stupid and pointless, not to mention I find them annoying that it makes people seem lazy about showing their true selves. AND I hate jumping on bandwagons and that's what reposts seem to be all about.

Why can't you guys just write about yourself? Be effing real and original instead of letting a effing repost do all the work and talk. Stop jumping on the repost bandwagon!!!

Oh and another thing that everyone jumped on the bandwagon for that I find infuriating is the rating reposts, where you get your friends to rate you. WHAT THE F^CK IS THAT ABOUT?!!!

Why the hell do you need people to rate you?!!

In my opinion that makes you look like you have very little sense of self worth and that what people think about you is the only thing that matters. You guys aren't pieces of freaking meat so why would you want people to rate you? It's the same thing as judging you but because it says rate and not judge doesn't mean it's NOT the same thing. It most definitely the same thing. And yet all of you say "I hate when people judge me" then turn around and let them rate you. WTF?!!

And yes I know it's not really being rated on your looks but still. Rating is rating which equals to judging. And don't you think your just setting yourself up to get picked on? That's just a disaster waiting to happen. You're setting yourself up for a troll to swoop in and harass you or say something mean.

If that happens, believe I'll most definitely get your back if needed but at the same time I'm gonna be thinking well this could've been avoided if you didn't have to stoop so low as to wanting people to rate you, dumbass.

And that's another thing, what is the point in having your friends rate you? How do you know if they aren't just kissin your ass? Or just trying to be nice? Does it feel good to have a bunch of strangers whom you've never met in real life and probably never will, rate you?

I would have a slight understanding and sympathy if you were having your best mates or family rate you because they know you just as much as you know yourself and if they rated you bad you can just tell them to screw off then laugh about it or whatever.

But on here, if you get rated bad that most likely will start another war between people since it's the little things that set everyone off on here. Even if the person is just being honest it wouldn't matter because the reality is, you just really want good ratings.

So not only are you degrading yourself to being rated, setting yourself up for trolling but also putting pressure on your friends to say what you want to hear.

It all seems so damn narcissistic and makes me f^cking sick.

So you know what I'm just gonna stop right now because it's seriously pissing me off to the point I want to punch the screen and strangle a couple of you.

So in conclusion to this, just stop it. JUST F^CKING STOP or Don't send me the invites OR...LABEL THE DAMN THING AS A F^CKING REPOST. That would be best and all I freaking ask...

Oh and believe me when I say I WILL start deleting people for this. You have been warned.


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