Pain Quotes

quotes of pain

Chapter 1


~i feel your pain, it makes me giggle
~pain is temporary, regretting is forever
~pain is inevitable, suffering is optional
~if you could see our pain...... The intensity would blind you
~the worst kind of pain is when youre smiling to keep the tears from falling
~sometimes the guy who laughs and smiles, and is way to loud is the same guy who crys himself to sleep
~silence is just another word for pain
~silence is like bandaids, they hide the pain, but it still hurts
~my pain may be the reason behind someones laugh, but my laugh will never be the reason behind someones pain
~p- possitive
a- attitude
i- in
n- negative
s- situations
~everyone in your life is going to hurt you, you just have to decide who is worth the pain


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