My lovely day.... NOT

This is what happened, i just need to tell someone or i will explode

Chapter 1

Universal studios 6/28/12

So im currently in florida for vacation, with my little brother to visit my grandparents, everything was going fine until i bought myself a danish, i got back in line for a ride and my brother asks for a piece. Normally i would have given it to him right away but i hadnt even taken a bite. So i said no, and my grandmother was like " Didnt your mom tell you not to eat stuff in front of people without sharing" i shook my head no and told her i bought it with my own money, then she said "If you dont share with him then your going to have to pay for everything yourself" Then i got angry, cussed at her (in my head), and gave my brother a third of the danish, by then though he didnt want it so i shoved it in his mouth. I was so pissed at her that i tryed not talking to her, of course all my grandpa did was agree with her because thats all he does is agree with people.

Then later we go to dinner and i get my dessert and shes like " Do you really need that?" so then i only ate half feeling very fat by her comment.

And that was my lovely day thank you for letting me tell my story =) i feel much better now!


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