Q&A: About Your Profile Photo

Q&A: About Your Profile Photo

Chapter 1

My photo.

1. Describe your profile photo.
-It's me with Daniel Graves of Aesthetic Perfection and Tim Van Horn who is AP's touring drummer.

2. Why did you pick that photo?
-Because I was going through my photo album on here thinking it needed a change, so I chose that one.

3. Are their people in the photo?
-Yes, again, Daniel Graves and Tim Van Horn...as well as myself.

4. When was it taken?
-Oh, November 2010.

5. Where is it?
-At the Cabooze in Minneapolis, MN.

6. Is there a story behind the photo?
-Yeah, kinda. I went to see Aesthetic Perfection and Combichrist at the Cabooze and came across Daniel after the show.

7. Have your parents seen this photo?
-I'm sure my mom has since it's been my facebook photo before.

8. Did you take it?
-No and I'm not quite sure I remember who did take it haha might have been the keyboard player.

9. Would you want your boss to see this photo?
-It wouldn't really matter if she did.

10. Do you think you look good if you're in it?
-I think I look fine but it was really hot and sweaty even though it was November at the time. The club was hot as hell and I needed to pull my hair back.

11. Name your 3 favorite things about it.
-I was hanging with Daniel Graves...
-...after a show at the Cabooze...
-...even though I had class the next morning.

12. Would you go back there?
-Sure if I was in Minneapolis and had time to see a show there.

13. What season was it?
-Well the beginning of November is still technically Fall but there was a lot of snow on the ground and I was wearing two jackets, so I'd call it Winter.

14. What was it taken with?
-My cell phone at the time.

15. Have you seen it used by anyone else?
-I'm not sure why anyone else would use a photo of me with these two.


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