One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story) Part 2

Okay, so this is basically season 2 to the original story. I've decided to make this story pretty long, I'm not sure how long exactly though. So if you've just randomly stumbled across this, the first part is in my favorites section or on the 4th page of the quizzes I've created if you feel like browsing. Anyways, like before, there will be slow parts and dramatic parts so just be patient and don't forget to comment and rate. Enjoy :)

Chapter 2

Raised by wolves

The directions Aaron sent me weren't too far from school. By the address I knew that he lived in the higher class part of town. I don't know why I never realized he was probably quite rich, considering his clothes are always brand new and he drives a fricken charger. Like, even if I worked two jobs and had my parents help me out, I still couldn't afford a charger. That's saying something.

As I drove, the houses started getting bigger and more, I don't know, glamorous almost. No ones lawn was even just a little out of place, the fences were high and sharp looking, and exspensive cars filled their driveways. I drove slowly through the neighborhood carefully checking my phone to see if the address was close. I finally pulled up to a huge clinically white house with tons of wooded landscaping, which made it seem more like some kind of doctor's office or law building, rather than a house.

To be honest, it was intimidating. I parked and trudged up to the front door feeling super nervous for some reason. I felt so out of my element here. I rang the doorbell and prayed that it was just him, not his parents. I was definately not ready to meet them today. Or...Probably ever. Ha. Only a few short moments later Aaron opened the door. "Hi-" I was immediately pulled through the door and into a tight hug.

"Hey Aaron." I chuckled breathlessly into the side of his shoulder. "Hi, I'm sorry about earlier, really." He mumbled into my neck. I ignored how much I thoroughly enjoyed having his mouth there and shrugged. "It's okay, I just don't get why you left so quickly without talking to me." I said. He sighed and pulled back to look at me. "I'll explain in a minute, but first, would you like a tour?" he asked with a smile. "Sure." I mumbled.

I tried not to sound nervous but he noticed. "It's okay Chloe my parents aren't here, like usual it's just me, so come on." he said and grabbed my hand. "This is the livingroom." he said and lead my through a large arch doorway into a room that could have easily fit two of my own livingrooms. Everything was super white, even the floor was some kind of white stone tile. The ceiling was very high, with a few windows scattered around to give off just a bit of light here and there.

A chrome fireplace sat in the middle of the room with three pale leather sofas gathered around. Countless modern style paintings were covering the walls. "Um...Wow." I mumbled, taking everything in. "Yeah, I know." he said and next lead me down a hall. The kitchen was similar to the rest of the house, very white, very modern, and really cold. He showed me a couple other rooms like an office, a bathroom and a small guest room, before heading towards a grand staircase.

He went to climb the stairs but I stopped and pointed. "You have a...Chandelier?" I whispered. I'm not sure why I whispered, the house just felt more like a museum, beautiful, clean, and full of paintings and vases. Like you couldn't be too loud. But it certainly didn't feel like a home. It was cold and unfeeling, there were no family pictures or clutter. He shrugged, eyeing the chandelier vaguely.

"Mh hm, let's go upstairs, I'll show you my room." he said and gave my hand a tug. I stopped my staring and followed him to the second floor. There wasn't much else upstairs other than guest rooms, bathrooms and his parent's bedroom, (Which he skipped over). His bedroom was on the very end of the hall, kind of secluded from the rest. "It might be a bit messy, I forbid Claudia from cleaning it." he said. "Claudia?" I asked. "The maid." He said and opened the door.

He has a maid, go figure. I was pleasantly surprsied to find that Aaron's room was the only one not white and cold. The walls were a dark green and he actually had carpet. It was way bigger than my room, with a large unkept bed, a bedside desk with a laptop and cds scattered across it. The thing that drew my focus though, was a large fishtank in the corner. I went over and looked at the multiple colorful fish swimming around. "This is saltwater right?" I asked.

"Yeah, saltwater fish are more...Unique." he said. I nodded in agreement. "So...What do you think?" he asked after a few silent moments. I turned to smile. "I love your room, this tank is so pretty." I said. "And the rest of the house?" He promted. I bit my lip slightly, making him chuckle. "No, it's really beautiful, I mean it, but it's just too..." I paused, thinking of the right word. "Cold?" Aaron supplied.

"Well I was going to say something along the lines of, I feel more at ease at the hospital, but cold works too." I mumbled. He laughed and sat down on the bed and patted the spot next to him. I quickly sat and felt his arm snake around my waist. "Is that okay?" he asked, gesturing to his arm. "Yes." It was more than okay, but I wasn't about to get worked up right this second, I still wanted an explaination. Probably guessing what I was thinking about he sighed.

"I'm sorry about earlier at lunch, I shouldn't have been such a jerk about all that." he said. I shook my head. "No Aaron I get why you'd be upset, but I got the feeling that there was something more going on." "Well, I'm not hiding anything from you, if that's what you're thinking, I just...I suppose it's time to have an uncomfortable chat about my parent's." he sighed. "If you're uncomfortable we don't have-"

"No, I mean, if we're kind of dating I think it's only fair that I finally stop being such a baby about the whole thing and just put stuff on the table, like you did." he said and sat up a little straighter. "My parents...Well they're not like normal parents with the nine to five jobs and the family comes first type of attitude. After they both finished college, mom works for this big real estate company and organizes fundraisers while dad is vice president of this computer software company. Anyways,

after they finished college and got their dream jobs they loved to travel and party, just live large without regrets. But when mom found out she was pregnant they seriously considered not even haivng me, mostly because it would complicate their fun lifestyles, mom even went to the abortion clinic but my grandparents found out and dragged her out of there. So you can imagine how bitter mommy dearest was that she had her 'get out of jail free card' taken away-"

he paused for a long moment and just breathed deeply. I stared at him in shock. "Did..did your mom actually tell you this?" I whispered, trying to hide my utter shock and sadness. "No, I heard her yelling at my grandpa about all of it when I was six because she didn't want to take me with her and dad on their vacation." he mumbled tonelessly. "Aaron-"

"So mom ended up having me, grandpa was really set on making sure she didn't get the chance to go back to that clinic, he actually paid people to keep an eye on her. Dad didn't have much to say on the matter, he was too busy with his career to care if his own wife was going to get rid of their baby or not. He never cared for children anyways. Shortly after I was born mom basically did the absolute bare minimum 'mother-like' duties.

Grandma thought she would change once she finally held me, but mom hated the fact that she had to spend nine months getting fat then going through a painful process just to get a crying little mistake she never asked for. She went back to work only three weeks after I was born, leaving me with my grandparents almost every day. She hired nannies sometimes, but every time I looked like I was getting too attached she would fire her and get someone new."

"Why?" "I'm not really sure, probably didn't want to look like a bad mother for having her only kid love some hired help more than her, ha. My mom is really big on appearances, as you can probably tell from the decor of this house. As I got older I spent more and more time with my grandma learing how to cook and be, well, somewhat of a gentleman, and working with my grandpa at his lawfirm.

He used to let me sit as his desk and talk with his clients like I was important. It gave me a lot of confidence actually. But when I was nine...Grandma passed away from a stress related heart attack. Grandpa followed shortly after, I think he went because of how horrible it was to lose his wife of so many years...I'll never forget what they did for me, they were like substitue parents since mine were never around.

I wished I could have gotten the chance to really thank them, they're basically the reason I'm alive to be honest. From then on mom figured I was old enough to take care of myself, so that's the way it is." he finished thoughtfully. I stared across the room at the fish tank feeling so heartbroken for Aaron. How could a mother not want anything to do with a sweet little baby boy? Especially a baby with his dark eyes and white/blonde hair? Ugh!

I'm getting pissed just thinking about it, I can only imagine how much resentment Aaron must have towards them. I glanced sideways at him, he was staring at the tank as well lost in thought. He looked so sad and innocent that I couldn't hold back. "Oh Aaron I'm so sorry." I said and flung my arms around his neck. He was taken by surprised but returned the hug with a laugh. "I'm trying to be comforting and you're laughing." I said.

"I don't really need the comfort Chloe, it's my life, I've been living it for sixteen years, I get why you're upset though. I mean, I kind of just sprung all this on you, but I'm really okay. I just wanted you to know this so you can understand why I'm being so stubborn about the whole dating thing, I hate feeling like I'm constantly screwing up, Alyssa just made me feel even worse." He explained. I didn't completely believe him, but I didn't want to argue.

"So where are they now, your parents?" I asked, pulling back. "Somewhere in the Caribbean last I heard. They send postcards every so often, nothing written on them of course, but just pictures of the places they were traveling to." he said with a shrug. "Aaron that, that really sucks. What are they like when they actually come home?"

"Mm, they tend to keep to themselves, dad hides in his office while mom hangs new paintings and b__tches at Claudia. I'm allowed to blow all kinds of money on crap I want just so I stay out of their way." I hated that he spoke about all this so calmly, like this was normal, well, I guess it is normal for him. But I still didn't like it. Everyone deserved at least some kind of adult in their lives to take care of them, Aaron has no one.

I decided that I was going to be there for him from now on, or...At least until I had to choose between him and Scott and break a heart. But now was not the time for that. I wasn't on some kind of deadline. I'd worry about all that later. For now I was going to spend this day with Aaron, making him smile.

(To make up for the last chapter, I made this one quite long, leave me your comments please, I enjoy reading them)

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