One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story) Part 2

Okay, so this is basically season 2 to the original story. I've decided to make this story pretty long, I'm not sure how long exactly though. So if you've just randomly stumbled across this, the first part is in my favorites section or on the 4th page of the quizzes I've created if you feel like browsing. Anyways, like before, there will be slow parts and dramatic parts so just be patient and don't forget to comment and rate. Enjoy :)

Chapter 13


I will not be posting any more chapters to this story on this site because of personal reasons. I'm not closing my account though, I still like taking quizzes from all of you and talking to friends. I've appreciated each and every one of your comments, rates, compliments. It seriously means a lot. From now on all future chapters will be posted on the website Wattpad. It's specifically for writers and it has more freedom. I still have a bunch of ideas for this story and I hope you continue to read it. But because of it being on a different website I understand if it's too much of a hassle. I'm not going to beg anyone to continue reading. Anyways. I uploaded every chapter I've written so far from here on to Wattpad, (After making just a few little changes to some) and I'll be updating like usual, every Monday and Friday. If anyone needs me to special message them on here whenever a new chapter is up just comment and let me know.

That is the link to my profile on Wattpad which will have my entire story there easy to find. If you have trouble getting the link to work message me. Also, the newest chapter is up now and I hope you enjoy all the drama and sappiness I have in store. :)

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