One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story) Part 2

Okay, so this is basically season 2 to the original story. I've decided to make this story pretty long, I'm not sure how long exactly though. So if you've just randomly stumbled across this, the first part is in my favorites section or on the 4th page of the quizzes I've created if you feel like browsing. Anyways, like before, there will be slow parts and dramatic parts so just be patient and don't forget to comment and rate. Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Love, dating, and all that other crap.

I watched Scott walk away then turned back to Aaron. He was still staring around the cafeteria with a stony exspression. "Aaron what-" Before I could finish what I was saying Alyssa had slid into the seat across from me, slightly next to Aaron with Megan close behind. "So how did it go? Were they mad?" She asked. My eyes widened to her. "Um 'Lyss.." I mumbled. Aaron was looking at her with annoyance. "What?" She asked, confused.

"Uh, I was kind of still talking." I said awkwardly. "To who? Him?" She said and waved a hand dismissively at Aaron. "He's no big deal. What did Scott say?" I stared at her in disbelief. How could she be this way to Aaron right now, especially to his face. "Lyss-" "It's fine Chloe, I'll go, woulnd't want to keep Alyssa from her mindless gossip." He muttered crossly. "Exscuse me?" She demanded, clearly outraged.

I have to admit that I was rather shocked with how rude and bold Aaron was being today. To both Alyssa and Scott. He stood and went to leave but I reached over grabbed his upper arm. "Please don't go, something's wrong, please just tell me what it is." I pleaded. I glanced at Alyssa. She rolled her eyes and turned to talk to Megan,to give us some privacy I'm guessing. He gave a humorless laugh.

"Seriously Chloe? Of course there's something wrong, God! Do you think I'm all excited and happy about having to, to...To fricken share you? Ugh!" he huffed and turned his head away. It hurt to see how upset he was over this. "Aaron I'm sorry, really. I know that this is selfish and-" I stopped talking abruptly because of the glare he was aiming my way. I never seen Aaron this mad.

"Don't start apologizing to me again. I'm so sick of hearing you say sorry, for once, just do something and not feel bad about it." He said. "Um...I can't do that Aaron, I feel bad, I can't help it." I said, trying not to sound defensive. He noticed the change in my tone and easily shrugged out of my grip. "What is your problem? Besides the obvious, please talk to me." I said. "Maybe some other time, This blonde waste of space, no big deal, has other things to do." He muttered quietly and walked out of the cafeteria.

I felt my stomach clench uncomfortably. He was actually upset about Alyssa and Scott's comments. I didn't blame him. I wanted to follow him but the bell was ringing and I couldn't skip another day of classes. "So...How did it go?" Alyssa asked after a minute. I rolled my eyes. I spent the next half hour in class pondering Aaron's anger. Sure it was a crappy situation for all parties involved, but I didn't get what his deal was. I knew him well enough to tell that there must be something more going on.

While I was on my way to gym Alyssa caught up with me. I was actually pretty pissed at her for being mean to Aaron. "Hey!" She said. "What was that at lunch?" I demanded, wasting no time. She rolled her eyes. "I knew you were going to bring this up." She muttered. "Of course I'm bringing it up! Why were being so b__tchy to Aaron?"

"Why do you think Chloe? I don't know if you remember but he broke up with me on New Years Eve, fricken New Years Eve! Am I not allowed to be just a tiny bit angry?" She asked sarcastically. "Well yes, but I thought you were over that now?" "I am, but I couldn't resist the chance to take out a bit of repressed frustration, you know?" I shook my head, I understood where she was coming from.

"Okay 'Lyss I know it sucked, but I, I love him. And I'm going to be dating him and all that other crap so you have to learn to control what you say to him, alright?" I asked, turning to look her in the eyes so she would know I was serious. "I can't even make a few harmless jokes, overprotective much?" She asked. "See that's the thing 'Lyss, they may seem harmless to you, but Aaron might not think so, and I'm the right amount of protective thank you very much..." I trailed off.

"Yeah about that, why did he just rush away without talking to you?" She asked. "I don't know." I sighed. "Sorry, I won't 'poke fun' at him any more." She said. "Thanks." I mumbled gratefully. I don't know why I even I expected Aaron to be in gym, after lunch it was pretty obvious he was going to skip. But I still had my hopes up, and when I got there I was let down. Alyssa noticed my searching and shrugged apologetically.

My phone buzzed. Mr. Schwartz was busy lecturing someone so I checked it.
Aaron-'I'm sorry.'
I sighed, glad that he was actually speaking to me, and replied.
Me-'Where are you?'
Aaron-'I went home but...'
Aaron-'But now I'm lonely.'
Me-'What do you want me to do about that?'
Aaron-'I wanted to invite you over to my house actually.'

I stared down at my phone, surprised. I've still never been to his house or met his parents. not that I wanted to right now.
Me-'Yeah I'm still here, you just surprised me.'
Aaron-'Oh sorry :('
Me-'It's fine.'
Aaron-'So...Will you, come over?'

Hm, Mr. Schwartz was pretty occupied, I could easily sneak away. I shouldn't, but I was way too curious to see Aaron's house, and get a chance to talk to him. Find out what was wrong. Without really thinking about it my mind was made up and I was heading for the door. Alyssa saw and just smiled.

Me-'I'm coming, give me directions!'
Me-'Yes Aaron.'
I smiled and made my way to the parking lot. Yeah school dosen't seem like much of problem right now. The overwhelming want to see Aaron was way too tempting. I was finally going to see where he lives.

(Yeah so...This part sucked, I'm sorry. But please remember to rate and comment since it's a new story. Next chapter will be better)

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