A Criticize On Quibblo Members (Please Read)

Just read the main text, please.

Chapter 1

A Criticize

Alright. First things first. This critic is towards me too. Not only the others.

A lot of us comment on stories with "Amazing." Or "Love it, continue.". The writers really appreciate it but it would very helpful if you give us a hint if you even read it or not. Like some continue the story and with each chapter they come and comment. That's cool. Because we're sure you're following it.

Sometimes we don't know what else to say. Well at this time you could point out a part that you really liked in the story. Or even look for problems in it and ask the writers to fix them.

The short comments don't piss me off. I love even those short comments and I think the others do to. But sometimes I just doubt it that: Do they want to comfort me and make me happy? Or they really mean it? When someone comments time to time, we know you mean it (as I already said).

Well thank you for reading.
Note: I'm not being ungrateful. The comments (the short ones) still mean a lot. But they could mean much more if they were longer.


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