A Mindless Summer

It's a weird story of things I wanted to happen in my life, that never did or would. Its about me andd my close friend BarBara's (bb or London) trip to London, England. We just finished or Sophomore year and she invited me to go home with her for the summer.

Chapter 3

OH MY GAWD!!!! Eric "Danger" Carter....I Love You

Jazzy's P.O.V

Me:"OMFG!!! A Car you got me a freaking car. Ohmygodnothisisjusttogoodtobetrue. Man this is one messed up dream; when I wake up I'm gonna be so mad." I said having a mini heart attack. You would to if you saw the car of you dreams i.e this: http://astro.temple.edu/~tuc55326/Large%20Pictures/mustangconcept.jpg

bb:smacks my arm really hard Calm down and BREATH!

Me: "OWWWW that hurt!!!." I said rubbing my arm. I hate when she does that, I wore a leather jacket for a reason....AND IT STILL HURT!

bb: okay, now that your calm; A: this is not a dream and B: happy belated birthday

Me: my face (O.O) Really?" I asked in a super squeaky voice.

Mrs. B: Yes it's all yours

Ever have a little kid moment in public....no...really? Then watch mine :O \(^.^)\ ~(^.^)~ |(O.O)| XD :D

I ran up to the car hugged it saying: "This is my baby and I shall call you Eric Carter. Danger will be your nickname, and I just want you to know I Love You"

Josh and Champ: Wow, are all americans like this?" they asked bb

Mrs.B: I hope not

bb: Nope that's just Jazzy being Jazzy, well they do
name there cars though.

Prod P.O.V

Me and the guys were on our way to the car when all of a sudden we hear screaming. When we looked I saw Jazmond hugging what look like a new car.... maybe that was her surprise. Hmm now I see why she screamed, it's a pretty sweet car.

Me: That's girl I was telling you guys about

Prince: Her? the one hugging the car?

Me: She looks to badazz to be a fan right?

Ray: ya think?

Roc: I know right?

Me: Watever I'm bout to text her now

Prince: "You got here number?!? Thats' what's up." He said dapping me up.

Me: Thanks

Jazzy's P.O.V

After I calmed down we started putting our bags in the car, when I heard my phone ring.


??: Hey it's me, sweet car
Me: thnx -Thump xD
Prod: Hey you want to meet up tonight?
Me: Hmmmmm.....

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