A Mindless Summer

It's a weird story of things I wanted to happen in my life, that never did or would. Its about me andd my close friend BarBara's (bb or London) trip to London, England. We just finished or Sophomore year and she invited me to go home with her for the summer.

Chapter 21

New day

I woke up to the delicious scent of food and a missing RayRay. I got up and walked to the kitchen to see bacon, eggs, and pancakes. And to my surprise Prod and Ray were the ones cooking it.

Me: Since when can y'all cook?
Prod: Always! since we're always hungry!
Me: Yup, that makes since. Well it smell good.
Ray: Psh! It smells great, and your friends have been blowing up your phone all morning.
Me: By who?
Ray: -_- The other pieces of your heart.
Me: Oh yeah I should probably go see if their ok. Thanks for letting me crash here. " isaid getting up and heading to the door.
Prod: What about breakfast? and my lucky shorts?
Me: you'll get them later! And their more important than breakfast!" I said basically yelling down the hall.

Bb's P.O.V

I was watching tv when i heard my phone ring. GASP I dropped my cup of gummy bears on Roc and ran out the door.

Icy's P.O.V

I was smashing a plate of pancakes and turkey bacon when mo' drink po' it up mo' weed ' roll it uuup I looked at the screen. I instantly was out the door, then came bak for my phone, and then went out.

Jazzy's P.O.V

It was like magic. I texted Icy and Bb to come the hallway, next thing i know I see Icy almost stiff-arm Bb to suffocate me with a bear hug. When she finally let go, Bb freaking tackled me to the ground.

Me: Ok Ok, can't breath..killing me.
Bb: Sorry, i was just really worried you." she said letting me go.
Me: I know and I'm sorry for scarying y'all. I just needed some time to think, alone.
Icy: It's ok, and we're sorry too. we should've told you sooner.
Bb: Yeah, and nice job going in on louis.
Me: Oh, yeah, hehe now that i'm thinking clear, did I break something?
Icy: His nose and jaw.
Me: omg, I am flucking boss!... I mean awww.... who am i kidding? HOW'S THAT BOARD TATSTE?!?!?

We bust out laughing before Prod told me i had phone call. We all walked in his and RayRay's room, while I talked to Keisha.

Time lapse

Me: I got a jizzzzob. a jizzzaob a jizzaob a jizzzob and I'ma go hard!
Bb: Aite chill fun-size dang! you go to sign the contrat first, so go get dressed.
Me: neeeeeh! fine

I got dressed in http://www.polyvore.com/army_bound/set?id=66648024 looking guapped up. Bb looking pretty gang bound http://www.polyvore.com/red/set?id=63207671. And icy http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=66656027

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