A Mindless Summer

It's a weird story of things I wanted to happen in my life, that never did or would. Its about me andd my close friend BarBara's (bb or London) trip to London, England. We just finished or Sophomore year and she invited me to go home with her for the summer.

Chapter 2

Sometimes It Pays To Be Clumsy

??'s P.O.V

Me: "Are you sure your okay? I didn't hurt you or anything did I?" I asked. I mean you'd be concerned to if some girl ran into you, and started stuterring. Right?

Jazzy: Uhh....yeah I'm fine, I'm fine....It's jus-

Me: "Why don't we find you some where to sit down" I said cutting her off, and walking her to a near by airport cafe table.

Jazzy: I'm sorry, just a little nervous I geuss

Me: It's cool I'm Prodigy by the way

Jazzy: I know that's why I'm nervous, It's not everyday you run into a Mindless

Me: Oh chuckles that's why you were stammering

Jazzy: yeeeahh,I'm Jazmond by the way" she said reaching out here hand. Hmm she's alot calmer than most fans.....weird, cute, but still weird.

Me: So were you in a hurry or something?

Jazzy: Oh, no I was just blowing off a little steam....It's nothing to worry about though

bb: "Jaz it's time for your surprise." Some random girl spoke, I geuss it's her friend mmm maybe her sister. Either way what surprise?

Jazzy's P.O.V

Ugh friends have the best timing sometimes don't they. Now I got play it off like it's nothing

Me: "Sorry I geuss that's my cue huh? See you around Superstar." I said. Niceee, Now get up and walk away and look back once

Prod: "Hey Wait!" He yelled. yes score one for Jazzy

Me: huh?

Prod: Can I get your number...you know so we can meet up sometime?

Man sometimes it's pays to be clumsy

Me: "Sure, hand me your arm."I said pulling out my special silver sharpie. "There you go, lates" I model walked all the way to bb at the doors.....AND FREAKED when I saw my surprise....

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