A Mindless Summer

It's a weird story of things I wanted to happen in my life, that never did or would. Its about me andd my close friend BarBara's (bb or London) trip to London, England. We just finished or Sophomore year and she invited me to go home with her for the summer.

Chapter 1

Off To a Bad Start

Jazzy's P.O.V
Me: yawns "Longest trip of my life" I said getting my cookie monster bookbag out of the plane thingy, so I can get off. Confused?Hi I'm Jazmond, Jazzy for short, and well me and bb just got off the plane and we're finally here. Her mom is suppose to meet us when we get off, she says she has a surprise for me since I got my license a few weeks ago.

bb: There she is" she said pointing to a woman with two of guys behind her.

When we got there the already had our bags sitting beside them, and greeted us.

??: Hello Jazzy nice to see you in person.

Me: Same here

bb: "Jazzy these are my friends Josh and Champion." she said pointing to each guy.

Me: Seriously? Champion? That's really your name, like no joke?

Champ: "Yes is there a problem with that?" he said with a hypnotizing British accent.

Me: Not anymore

Josh: Your accent is really funny

Me: I could say the same

Mrz.B: "So what is the name of that thing your wearing?"she said interrupting the small conversation.

Me: shocked, I gasped You don't know Hello Kitty??? *I was wearing this: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=51595458 *

bb: Not many parents here do.

Champ: Is that a belly button ring?" he said raising an eyebrow.

Me: Yes, but I only got it for a fashion accessorie, and nothin else.

Champ: mumbles: yeah right grabs Jazzy by her waist

Me: pushes him off her Look I don't know how you do things here in London; But back in America you don't ever do that to a girl you don't know. And since I play by my own rules, if you ever try that again, I will personally makes sure you don't have kids.

Everybody but me stares

Me: Get it? Got it? Good." I said walking off. Then out of no where I bump in to what felt like a brick walk, and fell on my butt. "Sorry, my bad dude" I apologized until I realized who I hit.

??: It's okay, are you alright?" he said helping me up. I promise you I died for like ten seconds.

Me: "um.....uhh.....y-yeah I'm good....I think" Great nows the time I choose to be nerdy! Great timing Jazzy, just great -_-

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