The Institution

Ok i have been working hard hope u like The Rules of the institutions
1. No one will get out of his or her dormitories at night unless supervised by a worker
2. Everyone must get at least 90 minutes of exercise a day
3. No one is aloud to have any unnecessary item unless instructed to do so by a level 3 worker or higher
4. No one can leave the compound until the age of 19 unless dismissed from his or her duties
5. Any one caught breaking these rules will go in the maze

Chapter 9

Sonja, Jorden, J and Grin.

I get why Cait did what she did my reason was very similar. What i don't get why she wants to stay even if the money did come. I wouldn't stay i wish i could say i would but i wouldn't. If they were alive and the money didn't come i wouldn't stay.

"Tomorrow" J says as he looks around the room as to make sure there is no one there. Ok by now your wondering where is all the cameras? Well all technology like cameras or Iphone i think thats what they were called were wiped out in world war 3 the 3/4 of the internet was wiped out. 20 of the 68 states were almost completely destroyed 5 were. so thats why we have no cameras.
"Hay J"
"Ya what?"
"Do you think will make it?"
"90 % no 10 % yes"
"I will take that chance"
"The boys dorm smells like... sweat and pee and bleach."
"ya i know we just got it cleaned."
"Ya its pretty disgusting"
"I'm out peace"
As i start to get out a kid looking about 17 or 18 walks in i jump of the top bunk under the bottom. I make a big clonk sound when i jump and he walks over to J.
"What are you doing in hear?"
" Getting shorts ya gym shorts"
"You were talking to some one then i heard a big clonk"
"No I wasn't"
"You think i am stupid I AINT STUPID"
"Aint is not a word so.."
He looks down under the bed to my left then he looks under the bed i am under.

I walk down to the office i am brining some dumb papers to the dumb secretary person. As I turn the corner I walk straight into some one and fall down the papers fly every were.
I see who it is it is cait i look at her her her face has a big blue bruise on it and one is down her arm but the worst part is she is missing her index and pinky finger on her left hand.She says for words to me that changes every thing.
"I'll go with you."

Donathen bends down and looks under the left then the right i grab my hair when he sees her will have to let him in. He stands up then says,
"You little freak talking to your self" He then punches me in the shoulder then leaves.
Once the door closes Sonja clonks down.
"What you do?"
"Oh i hung onto the springs of the bed but my hair almost hit him in the neck"
"That was close"
"I got to go"
She skips out. As soon as she is gone i scream in pain because of my shoulder.

"Cait what happened'
"I dont want to.. talk about it.. to you just tell e-ev-veryone i am going okay?" she says between sobs.
She runs out crying. I pick up the papers in a daze and walk to the office.I dont know whut was rong -besides the fact she was missing her two fingers- but something was wrong with her almost like she went in the maze and came back...


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