The Institution

Ok i have been working hard hope u like The Rules of the institutions
1. No one will get out of his or her dormitories at night unless supervised by a worker
2. Everyone must get at least 90 minutes of exercise a day
3. No one is aloud to have any unnecessary item unless instructed to do so by a level 3 worker or higher
4. No one can leave the compound until the age of 19 unless dismissed from his or her duties
5. Any one caught breaking these rules will go in the maze

Chapter 3

Jordan - I know i use this name to much but i love it so much-

“New shipment of sends came in today haven’t seen them yet Grin says he some them. He says they are all girls three of them. He says he calls dibs on the blond one and the brunet.” says J there is not many brunets here most girls dye their hair wired colors like pink.
I say, “ I am going to the basket ball court want to come?”
“Grin can’t have them both”, I say
J thinks about it then says, “I saw the other one she is about twelve kind of cute.” J is only twelve he is like my brother we have know each other for about six years. He was six when I met him. I was nine. Now I am fifteen but I look older
I ask, “What she look like?”
He says, “Tall orange hair freckles sprinkled over her face big green eyes”
I say, “Cool”
We walk a little faster tell we get outside even after six years of being here I still get a shiver down my spine when we pass the maze. A few of my friends have gone in the maze a few weeks later come back and its like there gone still gradually they come back but they never full again something is missing. Others go into the lab get infected with some dieses and the scientists try to find to cure them. They get the cure but then sometimes…. As we get on the court to girls walk on one is tall with long blond curly hair big with nice blue eyes the other one was tall to she looked about sixteen she had short honey brown hair with big green eyes. Then a shorter girl walked from behind them then I think it is the girl J likes. She looks so familiar…. The brunet walks up to us and says to me, “So Sonja thinks you look like really familiar and she wants me to ask you if you name is Jordan, and if it is she might hug you so you have been warned.” I just stand there stupid I know who she is she is my little sister.

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