The Institution

Ok i have been working hard hope u like The Rules of the institutions
1. No one will get out of his or her dormitories at night unless supervised by a worker
2. Everyone must get at least 90 minutes of exercise a day
3. No one is aloud to have any unnecessary item unless instructed to do so by a level 3 worker or higher
4. No one can leave the compound until the age of 19 unless dismissed from his or her duties
5. Any one caught breaking these rules will go in the maze

Chapter 1

Adel- the first chapter sorry it get better

Adele hates her job. It is not the fact that she takes kids to a horrible place. It is however that the children are always crying and asking question. How they ask and ask and when she doesn’t answer they cry some more. Today she had only two children to pick up the first one was named Cait Snip. She never really looked at the children but this one was very pretty. Kind blue eyes and long blond hair. This one almost jumped into the car. The second girl she picked up was named Lea Borden. She was a also very pretty very short amber hair big green eye. She was harder to get into the car but a little while after she talked to the girl in the car she looked like a huge weight was gone off her shoulders. The girls only talked to them selves after a little while Adele said, “So how old are you girls” Lea was the first to speak she said, “Fourteen Cait is to.” Adele said, “you girls are tall for your age I thought you were at least sixteen.” This was half true because when she first saw them she thought they might be there older sisters. Then Cait said, “Don’t you have are ages? I mean you people know every thing about us I mean you know our favorite number!” Adele was never spoken to like this before. The kids are always crying never proud and tall and what she can tell pleasant and nice. Then Lea ask the first question sense the beginning of the car ride “When are we getting there?” Adele looks out the window then says, “In about a hour dear.” No body talks the whole hour.

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