Seek out the huntress (A Percy Jackson fanfic)

This is a story about Skylar Lunasa or Sky for short.
She is a huntress but she's only a teenager- she obviously falls for a boy and shows she is not as loyal to Artemis as she thought she was.

Warning: This story is not going by the books exactly, so please don't lose patience or correct me. You've been warned before hand. :)

Chapter 1

I joined the hunt.

Goddess of the hunt is how she goes by to many. She is the one who looks after little girls and women, the one who is the goddess of the moon. To me though, she is my sister. Not blood related, of coarse, but she may as well be.
I've taking a great fondness to this goddess. She takes care of me, and has promised me a long and good future along with her and the other huntress'. I remember being so alone when she asked me to join her.

It was only two years ago. I was an orphan. I had no one to look after me, no one to give me food, shelter and comfort when I needed it most. I was alone. I had run from the shelter I was put in. I hated it there. The minders didn't care for us, it was a jail. A prison. No one to love you. I'd rather be on the streets. So I left.
It was a cold, bitter winter. I was numb from the coldness and was exhausted from my travels. I had somehow managed to find shelter in the trees of a forest. I didn't know where I was, but it was better than that shelter for homeless kids and orphans.
I heard someone. Someone had whispered my name. It was such a gentle voice I could have sworn it was just the wind passing by my ear. But I heard it once again. It was just in a clearing beyond the trees.
"Skylar, come forward," the voice whispered so gently. "Do not be afraid. I am your friend." And I believed the voice. I could not see who had spoken, but I was in such a trance from the beautiful voice it lured me through the trees and out into a meadow.
A girl who looked to be a few years younger than me stood in the meadow, rubbing a silver stag- silver? That couldn't be right. A stag wasn't silver. My sight must be going funny or it was just the snow falling.
I was taken back by how beautiful she looked. She had eyes that were so yellow, they reminded me almost of the sun. Her auburn hair was pulled back into a braid and she wore a white dress to her knees. Behind her she had arrows and a bow slung around her shoulder. A silver glow seemed to be reflecting off her and I stood in amazement at her.
"Good morning, Skylar Lunasa," she spoke. It was definitely the voice I had heard calling me to her. She spoke as though she were much older than she actually was. How old was she? Twelve? Thirteen? I never wondered how she knew my name. "Are you okay, young one?"
"Y- young one?" I managed to say. "I believe I am older than you," I told her examining her more closely. Perhaps, I was mistaken. She smiled, her yellow eyes looking even more radiant.
"Of coarse, not everything is what it seems," she said wisely. I simply gave her a questioning look which she smiled warmly at. "Come here. Look at how beautiful this creature is," she said gesturing for me to join her.
Again, I couldn't help but follow her voice. I trudged through the ankle high snow and joined her by the stag. The stag looked at me as though trying to figure me out before nuzzling against me. Shocked, I jumped back only to realise that this had been a friendly gesture.
"It means no harm," she told me kindly. Giving both the stag and the girl an apologetic look, I placed my hand on the stag. Even though it was cold right now, a warmth ran through my entire body once I touched the stag.
It suddenly hit me then, that I had no clue who this girl was. And she had spoken my name.
"Who are you?" I asked alarmed.
"I go by many names. But you can call me Artemis," she said stepping away from the stag. It remained its silvery colour to my relief. I liked the warmth it sent through me. It made me feel like someone cared.
"Artemis? H- how odd," I said. "I've never heard such a name before!" I told her. Or had I? It sounded vaguely familiar yet I could not place it.
"Oh, have you not?" she said thoughtfully. "Maybe, you've heard me by the goddess of the hunt and the wilderness?" I gaped at her wondering what she was doing. Was this some kind of game she was playing? If it was, I didn't feel like playing along. "You look confused. Surely you've heard of the Olympians?" she asked me.
"As in the ones to do with the Greek gods?" I said in utter confusment.
"The very same," she told me. "True to my word, they are real. Skylar Lunasa, you are alone and very, very afraid. Do not be. I have summoned you here to ask you to join me and be a hunter."
"A hunter?"
"Yes. I've many others. They wait in the trees. You can join me and become immortal, and we shall take care of you. We shall be your family," she spoke with a promising voice.
"You speak the truth?" I asked her.
"I would not lie to you," she swore. I sighed.
"Show me your hunters," I told her with a bravery I never heard from myself before. She turned to the forest and nodded. About a dozen girls who looked all around my age and younger came out from the forest. They all had the same silvery glow that 'Artemis' has. They all wore their hair back in braids too and carried bows and arrows.
"These are my maidens, or my Hunters. You can join us too," she told me. "All you have to do is say the oath!"
"A-alright," I stuttered unsure.
"I pledge myself to the goddess Artemis, I turn my back on the company of men, accept Etenal maidenhood, and join the hunt," she told me the oath. I took a deep Breath. I'd be immortal. Never to love a man but to serve Artemis forever. And for someone reason, I found myself repeating the oath.
I was now a hunter. Forever to walk the earth and serve the Goddess of the hunt, Artemis.

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