Draco Malfoy- gotta love and hate him- part 6

I actually have time today.YAY!! Oh and I know I can't spell. Don't judge.=) Soo here it is...

Chapter 1

Break up?!

Draco's POV
I bumped in to George and he glared at me. I smirked evily at him.
"So how are you and Jadea?"
"We're great Malfoy." He said still glaring at me "I know you like her but back off."
"I don't like her." I said and he gave me an are-you-serious look. I didn't like her though I just wanted to knock her down a pegg or two. Right? I wasn't so sure anymore.
"Whatever she's mine so back off or I'll tell her you like her."
"So, it's not true."
"Okay keep telling yourself that so you feel better about her rejecting you." He said and walked away.
It's almost the end of the school year and Jadea is still my friend she's gotten closer to me and now doesn't glare at me as much. She's still with George which is annoying. I've tried almost everything I could to break them up and nothing has worked. I've even been snogging Pansy in front of her and she doesn't seem to mind. I honestly don't know what else to try. Mudbloods have been petrified. Granger has been too which means that Jadea is never around she's always at the hospital wing.
I'm sitting by the black lake and looking at the ground thinking. When Pansy runs up to me and sits down and tries to hold my hand, I pull it away.
"Draco what's wrong?"
"Nothing just go away I don't want to see you right now." She looks like she's about to cry and gets up and runs to the castle. I get up a little while later and am heading back to the castle and bump into someone and I could tell who it was by the smell. Jadea, she had the sweetest smell to her. She was sitting on the floor and looked at me
"Ow!" She said and got up I offered her my hand but she wouldn't take it.
"You okay?"
"Yeah except my butt, thank you." She looked pissed today. On a burst of impulse I hugged her and she stood there frozen and a throat cleared made us jump and it was George. He looked pissed and started to yell at her for hugging me and she looked like she was getting more and more mad.
"GEORGE YOU WILL NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" She yelled back and I could tell this isn't their first fight.
"FINE WE'RE OVER!" He yelled
"FINE!" She yelled back and they turned away from each other and walked away. I tried to follow her but she was too fast and she went into the Slytherin common room and straight to Blaise and hugged him tightly and he looked at her and pulled her away somewhere.
Jadea's POV
I hate George! This was our third fight today, He always tries to tell me who I can and can't talk to. Well I'm not going to stand it. He said we were over, fine then. I stormed away and went into the Slytherin common room, I saw Blaise and practically ran towards him. I hugged him and he pulled me away for a second and looked at me then frowned. He pulled me into the guy's dorm.
"What happened?"
"George and I broke up" I said and pulled myself together before I balled my eyes out.
"Oh I'm so sorry J." He said and hugged me again
"Sorry I'm bothering you with this."
"It's fine really you're my friend." I smiled at him and went to my dorm and slept.


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