Draco Malfoy- gotta love and hate him- part 2

I know the first year was rushed but this year will be longer. I promise!!!!!

Chapter 1

Someone new

This summer has been awful. Aunt Petuina and Uncle Vernon have been really mean to Harry. At least he got Dudley's old room. One day a house-elf named Dobby appered in Harry's room saying that we were not to go back to Hogwarts. Harry wuoldn't listen so Dobby made a cake fall on the wife of the guy he was trying to impress. Harry was locked in his room for days. I was sleeping in my room when a guy said Harry and I was going to live with them for a while. Confused I grabbed my Hogwarts trunk that I had packed for weeks and followed him to Harry's room.
"Jadea!" Ron whispered excitedly.
"Ron!!" I said and noticed for the first time that the three Weasly's were in a flying car.. Ron helped me in and then Hedwig screeched and Uncle Vernon burt throught the door and grabbed Harry's foot. All of us helped pull Harry inside. Soon we were safely flying away.
"Jadea these are my brothers Fred and George."
"Hi" I said and smiled at them.
We spent the rest of our summer at Ron's house. His family was amazing, his mom fussed over Harry and I, his dad asked all sorts of questions about muggle things, Fred and George became my pranking buddies. Next thing I knew it was time for school. Yesterday we went to buy our school stuff and guess who was at the bookshop. Draco, he hadn't changed all that much but he stared at me and I glared back then he started insulting Ron and his family. We got on the train and were heading to our cabin when Draco, Crabbe, Gyole, Pansy, and Blaise were in front of me. I smiled at Crabbe and Goyle. I gave Pansy a half smile and I hugged Blaise. Malfoy I just glared at.


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