I Think I Kidnapped One Direction..

I Think I Kidnapped One Direction..

Hi hi! This my first fan fiction!!!!!!!!! Comment? :)

Nicki Minaj as Sarah

Taylor Swift as Courtney

Nina Dobrev as Raina

One Direction as Themselves

The cover: http://www.quibblo.com/user/Alikatty2/photoalbum/1882906

Chapter 1


by: Ali_Hope_
"Open the door!!!" I heard come from downstairs.

I flew down the steep steps to the front door. I swung it open quickly to find my friend Courtney standing in front of me. She was wearing cut-off jean shorts and a striped tanktop. She was wearing Osiris shoes. Her blonde hair was up in a ponytail. She looked a little mad.

"Sorry. I was upstairs.." I explained.

"Whatever,Raina. You texted me to get here fast. What's so important?" She questioned.

"I'll show you in a minute,"I started,"Where's Sarah?"

"She had to stop at the Post Office" She explained.

"Oh, Ok"

"Can I come in atleast? It's hot as hell" She complained.

"Yeah, sure."

I moved out of her way. She stepped through the door and made her way to the couch in the living room. I slammed the door shut. I sat down beside her. I grabbed the remote. I flipped through a few channels untill I found a show we liked. We were almost half through it when there was a loud knock at the door. I jumped off the couch and skipped to the door. I turned the knob and pulled it open. Sarah was standing at the door holding her phone and blue purse in her right hand. She was wearing a white and black tanktop with a bow at midwaist. She had worn down dark blue jean shorts and Osiris shoes. We all have Osiris. The thing that really drew attention to her was the glasses on her face. There was a small mustache attached to them by a chain that swung below her nose.

"Nice glasses" I commented.

"Thanks. Got them at Forever 21" She explained.

"Is she here?" Courtney asked.

"No, it's the ice cream man"

Courtney hopped off the couch and met us at the front door.

"What did you need to show us?" Sarah asked, as she entered the house.

"Upstairs" I said.

I walked over to the staircase. They followed me. We quickly climbed the steps. Their eyes darted around the room.

"What is it?" Courtney asked. impatiently.

"In the closet"

"Which one?" Ariel asked.

I had two large walk-in closets. I gestured them to the largest one. They walked over to it. Courtney turned the knob and pulled. It didn't open.

"It's locked"

I reached into my front pocket and pulled out a key. I took a step in front of her. I shoved the key into the key hole and turned it. I flung the door open. I went in first. They followed close behind. I shut the door behind us. It was dark so you could'nt see. I flicked the switch near the door.

*Courtney's POV*

As Raina flipped the light switch. I looked to the back of the closet. Five very cute boys were bound together seperately by rope. Grey duct tape covered their mouths. They were laying against the wall, knocked out. I looked over at Raina. She was trying to look innocent.

"You kidnapped One Direction?!?!?"

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