Welcome to Anime Academy

Just a few things to get started....

Chapter 1

I repeat: blaaaaaaaaah XD

Hello and thank you very, very much for joining!

Hehe, I'm trying to sound professional here, but on the inside I'm goin' FRIKK YES!!!!

But anyways, here are the things we will be working on:

1) Head shapes and angles

2) Eyes/ face

2) the body/ proportions

3) Basic shading

4) Hands

5) Feet

Some materials that you may or may not know about:

- pencil (mechanical is best because you can create clean lines)
- eraser
- pen (you can find pens especially for artists at craft stores. Black india ink is best) [ optional ]
- Latex glove(s) (rubber gloves are nice because if you wear them on the hand you draw with, it won't smudge the pencil as easily as your bare hand will. However, if you, say, stick your finger on it and rub it around forcefully, it will smudge. It's not the magic glove) [ optional ]

I will give the first lesson soon, so keep in touch!

Thank you for joining Anime Drawing Academy!


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