Game Over (An Original Group Story)

You wake up one morning in a small grey room and can't remember where you are. But not only that, everything about who you are has been forgotten as well. Trapped in the centre of an ever-shifting Labyrinth, filled with monsters and challenges they never could have imagined, five teens must find the exit and escape, before the bright green numbers on their arms reach zero.

Chapter 1


by: Skyling

Name: Zoiye "Zee" Hailey
Age: 14
Appearance: Japanese, deep blue eyes, small and slim, tanned natural olive skin, black hair to waist with side bangs, always has different colours of streaks in her hair
Personality: Sweet, determined, artistic, creative,
Strengths: Amazing fighter, she has mastered every weapon, and can fight better than anyone, and everyone misjudges her because she is so small.
Weaknesses: Anger issues, (gets angry really quickly), very self conscious
Other: She has a beautiful ankle bracelet that she never takes off.


Name: Richard James "RJ" Elway
Age (13-18): 16 almost 17
Appearance: Short, wavy auburn hair, clear blue eyes, tan skin, tall, lean sort of strong.
Personality: Sweet, caring, loyal, sarcastic, witty, a tad brash.
Strengths: Speed, strength, agility, climbing.
Weaknesses: Large bodies of water.
Other: Plays football, baseball, and lacrosse, so is good with athletics.


Name: Beau Vantage
Age (13-18): 16
Appearance: dirt blond hair that reaches his eyebrows, 5'9", runner's build (lean muscles), pale green eyes
Personality: sarcastic, a bit awkward, doesn't talk much, smart, loyal
Strengths: fast runner, swift, good at climbing, solving puzzles
Weaknesses: not very strong, terrible at making friends
Other (if anything): claustrophobic


Name: Rita Monroe
Age (13-18): 15
Appearance: Black hair that falls into her face a lot, short, curvy, leaf green eyes, high cheek bones, red lips
Personality: Charismatic, seductive, charming, tries to ignore when she feels afraid, can lie easily, likes helping others, tries not to think to much about the number on her arm
Strengths: Doesn't back down, is convincing, can sometimes even lie to herself
Weaknesses: has a deep fear of spiders, can go into fits of rage or faint, impulsive


Name: Brynn Carter
Age: 15
Appearance: Wavy Blonde hair to just past her shoulders, hazel eyes, slim, 5'6", olive skin, sharp features,
Personality: Sly, Cheeky, Arrogant, Caring, Friendly, Clever, Brave but Self-Sparing,
Strengths: Agility, Wits, Swimming,
Weaknesses: Heights, Weapons, Speed,
Other: Is Headstrong and always think she knows best, will love-you-and-leave-you in a bad situation.

There's the characters! First real chapter will be out as soon as i can write it :)

Tick, tock goes your clock
Numbers ticking down
Tick tock goes your clock
Only one can claim the crown
Tick tock, clock has stopped
Number turned to red
Tick tock, fate is locked
Zero means you're dead

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