It's So Crazy, It's Mindless (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)

It's So Crazy, It's Mindless (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)

Chapter 37

"I'm innocent" She says. " A total sweetheart" she says.

Icy: RayRay's out.
Momo: Oh thank fat ninjas! They lost their best pranker. wipes pretend sweat off brow
Angel: I know right! But they still have prince and Roc.
Me: scoffs please! It's like you don't know me at all. What's my name?
Girls: jazzy
Me: What's my name and What am I good AT?
Girls: Jazzy!!!! And Sweet sweet revenge!
Me: Thank you and now that yall have fully realized my potential. I know how to make our next targets quit.
Girls: ?
Me: sighs Angel and I will use our ultimitly sexy bods points to sexiness to make them quit.
Girls: OOOOOH!

Ok so after we thought of it; Our Mr. Miyagi of freakdom (Icy) thought of how to really get them. Angel and I have to rent out the theater for the night, then we go back stage and change into some.....rather permiscuous(sp?) outfits, and you know sing a little song, do a super sexy dance, pout a little, and for the grand finale....well that's a secret.

~~~~~~ Time Lapse ~~~~~~~
Roc's P.O.V
Me: Are you sure about this?
Prince: Well no duh! People get nicknames for a reason, and Angel is like eighty-percent angel.
Me: Dude, something is seriously wrong with you. And you forgot all about my baby, she's like fifthy-percent angel!
Prince: Great a 50/50 chance. Now relax.
Me: smh

Show me how you Burlesque begins to play Oh.My.Fat.Ninjas. They.Look.Beyond.Hot

Jazzy: Underneath the city lights
There is a world few know about
Where rules don’t apply, no
And you can’t keep a good girl down
She comes through the club looking for a good time
Gonna make that, shake that, money on a dime
Don’t need a sugga daddy, she can work it just fine
Up on the table, she’ll be dancing all night (hee-eey)
Angel : Babydoll just come to life
Under the spotlight
All the girls wanna fall in line
We say
Here come the ladies ’bout to give a little show
Here go the boys you gotta show a little more
Hit it up, get it up, won’t let you rest
Hit it up, get it up, this is not a test
Hit it up, get it up, gotta give me your best
So get your azz up, show me how you burlesque

They start coming toward us. And feeling on us. Everytime! Never Fails!
What have we got ourselves into.....

Momo P.O.V
Wow, I didn't kow Jazzy and Angel could hit notes like that. And the guys are..... sweating hard.But when it comes to cute girls, guys are really dumb.b.b.b. Anyways after they finish that song, Icy started playing "Dance For You x Beyonce" so they could go ahead and trp them. So I dimmer the lights. This better work, because the grand finale prank is going to be on Prod.....

Icy: wipes away invisble tears I feel so proud! It feels like just a few hours ago they were lost; and now..... They seems almost.... almost
Me: Better than you?
Icy: Oh god No! Child please act like you know, I'm the expert freak in the group! I was going to say almost like pros.
Momo: --- sighs and smh

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