It's So Crazy, It's Mindless (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)

It's So Crazy, It's Mindless (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)

Chapter 36

You Gon' Learn Today

Roc and Prince turned right and then went in opposite directions and Ray and Prod went left and then opposite directions. By then I had kicked my Adidas off and was chasing them barefoot. I turned right, where Ray Ray ran off to. I ran all the way 'till I got half way to the end. I stopped and listened. I could hear heavy breathing.

Me: You know I can hear you
It was silent. The breathing had gotten quieter. I smiled.
Me: Ray Ray, come out, come out, where ever you are!

Out of the window at the end of the hall I could see Ray Ray's reflection. I followed the reflection to a wall in front of someone's hotel door. I smiled and began to make light footsteps to sound like I was walking away. I heard a sigh and then stirring. Ray Ray stepped from behind the wall and as soon as he spotted me, he put up his water gun.

Ray: Don't move, or i'll shoot!
Me: You wouldn't spray your own girl friend would you? Pokes lip out
Ray: Yeah
Me: sucks teeth What about your sexy girl friend?

I bit my lip and put my sexy face on. His grip on the gun loosened and he swallowed. I walked towards him walking as sexy as possible and when I reached him, I took his chin with my hand and brought his lips to mine.

Me: Right?
Ray: Y-No. I'll spray you.
Me: Aww baby you know you don't want to do that.
I rubbed my hand down his chest and on to his abs. He bit his lip and leaned his head back.
Me: Now let's try this again. You wouldn't shoot me, right?
Ray: No baby, I'd never do that.
Me: whispers Good.
I knocked the gun out of his hands and when he tried to whip away, I grabbed him by his collar.
Ray: Stop trying to use your sexiness against me.
Me: Why? Does it bother you? Grabs his belt loop tightly
Ray: grunts Yeah a lot.
Me: Okay then let's go.
I let go of him and started to walk away.

Ray Ray's P.O.V

My mouth dropped and I shook my head.
Me: You suck, Icy.
Icy: No I don't, but you will ;)
I sighed and linked arms with her as we walked down the hallway. She always did this to me.


Me: Sorry guys, I gave in.
Roc: WHAT!? Come on now!
Prince: How could you give in!?
Me: I don't know about y'all, but my girl is a freak and man oh man did she corner me at the end of the hall way.
Prod: Hahaha! What she do?
Me: She was touchin' all on me, bitin' her lip, and most importantly she grabbed my belt loop all rough! It drove me CRAZY!!
Prince: You're such a punk, if Angel did that to me I woulda flipped the script.
Roc: Says the guy that drugged her to get her to sleep with him.
Prince: -- shutup, I wasn't in the right mind.
Prod: So, would that mean you're just down right crazy? Cuz you're never in the right mind.
Prince: -
Me: Look, I'm done with this prank war stuff. I just want to get some before my girl leave.
Roc: I hear that! Jazzy pressed me earlier today!! She kissed on my jawline and everything!!
Me: See we got the freaks, them hoez got the innocent one's.
Prod: Man whatever, you don't know WHAT me and Momo do!
We all guffawed loudly as we realized that Prod and Momo both were really private people and they both were closet freaks.

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