It's So Crazy, It's Mindless (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)

It's So Crazy, It's Mindless (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)

Chapter 3

Waking Up To A Dream.......Looking At a Nightmare

Jazzy's P.O.V
Setting: Hilton Hotel, Thursday. Los Angles, California.

Waking up in Cali was too dope for words. After we off the plane we came to the Hilton, and you don't realize how beautiful it is when your half a sleep, and it was HUGE. The rooms are so cute, the beds feel like clouds. Anyway, we're on our way to Streamline's studio and we look hell'a'fine.(Jazzy's outfit: ,Angels: ,Icy's: ,and Momo's:

When we finally got there, I'll admit i was a bit anixous, we walked into a room and a woman named Nyomie greeted us.
Nyomie: Hey you must be Swagg R Us, we've been expecting you.
Me: Hi, and yeah that's us the dopest girls down south.

Angel the girls do they thug pose.

Nyomie: chuckles well alright, I'm Nyomie, but you can call me Mimi
Icy:bust out laughing
Mimi: What?
Angel: well her name is Momo, and your nickname is Mimi
Mimi: "ooohh"She laughed. "Well I just wanted to inform you that I'm going to be your Manager, and that you have a meeting in a few minutes, then a recording session, and finally a photo shoot."
Momo: That's alot for one day
Mimi: Well we have to get your music out ther first
Angel: That makes since
Mimi: "okay, well your meetings right through that door." she pointed to a side door.
Me: "Alright, I geuss we'll see you later." I said as we walked through the door. And to our surprise we see our worst nightmare.....Mindless Behavior standing there cheesin like the Kool-laid man.

Momo trys to walk right back out

Me: whispers Hey we can't leave I think they already saw you

??: Yeah, we did and we see you too. Hi I'm Princeton, and you must be that new girl group.
Man, If only I could smack that smile off his face...ugh
Icy: fake smiles Swagg R Us, yeah that's us and I'm Icy.
Prince: Sorry, Swagg R us we're Mindles Behavior
??: I'm Roc Royal, that's RayRay with the Braids, and the Mohawk is Prodigy nice to meet you.
Me: F.S. "Hi I'm Jazmond but you can call me Jazzy, thats Momo and Angel" I said pointing to each person.

Angel: "Well it was nice meeting you and everything, but we got to go....You know photoshoot and stuff bye now". she said full of sarcasm

Me: " Nice moves" I said Walking out the door.
??: Wait!

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