It's So Crazy, It's Mindless (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)

It's So Crazy, It's Mindless (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)

Chapter 2

On Our Way To Fame

Jazzy's P.O.V
Setting: Wednesday, Jazzy's room. Orlando FL

" I STILL can't believe we're about to get signed" I said eating another bite of my ice cream.* Really it hasn't even set in yet, "Swagg R Us getting signed to Streamline -"
Icy: I know right!

Momo: "All I know is, I ready for Cali and Cali's cute boys" she said struting to my bed.

Angel: I heard That!

Me: Aye, since I am the oldest, I call first dibs on the sufers or bad boys

Icy: That's NOT FAIR

Me: Can you drive?

Icy: No

Me: Mkay then

Momo and Angel: watever

Momo: I'm bored, yall want to go see a movie?

All: yea
We all piled up into my car; With the radio blastin the Motto, and they singing with the windows down singing loud as hell. Now she want a photo you already know doe, you only live once that's the motto n!gga YOLO
Me: And yall say i'm cray...psssh yall got me beat!

Angel: Aye Y.O.L.O right?


Icy: Y.O.Y.O?

Momo: You On Your Own

Icy and Angel :OHHH, man shut up

I couldn't help but laugh.
~Time Lapse~
Angel: Never again

Icy: I second that

Momo: The movie wasn't that scary

Icy: Yeah IT WAS!!

Me: (sneaks up on them) BOOO

All: AHHHHHHH wth jazz

Me: LMFAO that was too funny, Angel you look like you were about to pee your pants...hahaha

Angel: Not watever

Icy: "come on guys stop playing we need sleep, cuz no one's gonna want to wake up at five'in the morining to catch a plane" she said cutting out the lights.

Me: Nite

Angel: Nite everybody

Momo: Goodnight
BeepBeepBeepBeep Nooo, man don't you just hate alarm clocks?
ME: " Get up!!!! " said shaking everybody awake.

Angel: "five more minutes...." she whined

Me: No cuz then it will turn it an hour

Angel : fine
After we got dressed and ready we drove to the airport and boarded. And the only thing I can think about is sleep, not the fact that our dreams are comming true but Sleep.(yes sleep i am soooo not a moring person)

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