Flutter (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Elena Everett finally comes into her heritage. While she goes back to Hogwarts she meets her Mate. A boy with silver eyes and a dark future. She may not know him, but she already loves him with all she has.

Draco Malfoy sits at home during the summer. The day before he goes back to Hogwarts, he dreams about a girl with wings. But he's certain that she is real.

Chapter 1


by: HeheYoshi
Pain was all Elena Everett could think. Her mother and father sat on her bed waiting for what they knew would soon become of her. Hours into the pain, pressure was released from her upper back. It shocked Elena, and her screams soon stopped.

“Elena they’re beautiful,” Her mother said in awe

“Baby girl, it’s over. They are very unique.” Her father reassured her

Elena looked over her shoulder. Her wings were far different than anyone’s she had ever seen. At the base they were a dark purple, the purple lightened until it met a soft brown at the tips. Elena quickly found a mirror. Her face, now flawless, had a pattern of lavender swirls on her flushed cheeks. Moving her hair, Elena looked at her now pointed ears. She was satisfied.

Elena stood and walked to a full length mirror, her jaw dropped. She had shrunk at least 3 inches, her body filled out, and her feet now smaller. The underneath of her long blonde hair was now lavender. Her eyes were now a gold color, whereas before were hazel; while freckles were still spread across her nose.

She studied herself, so much was different. She didn’t even notice when her parents walked out. Much less, she didn’t notice when a dark haired, brown eyed boy walked in.

“Lena!” Nathan yelled, “You have pretty wings.”

Elena smiled down at her brother, “You’ll have wings one day too”

“Are you going back to school like that?” Nathan questioned

“Nate, no one can know we are Fae. Of course I’m not going to school with my wings spread out. They’ll be retracted into my back again.” Elena explained

Nathan nodded, he leaned in and hugged Elena “How many more days until you have to leave?”

“One,” Elena replied hugging him back “you get to come with me next year.”

“I’ll miss you.” The small brown-eyed boy sighed

“I’ll write to you every day, I promise.”

Nathans eyes sparkled, “Really?”

“Of course, I’ll even send you picture if you want.” Elena replied

Nathan, being the child he was, changed the subject. Elena and her young brother sat on her bed talking about nonsense things. For hours the brother asked many questions about school. While the tired sister answered.

Nathan fell asleep on his sisters bed. Elena kissed his forehead and drifted off to sleep as well. While Nathan entered a dreamless sleep; Elena dreamed of Hogwarts, her friends, and all the hours of Quidditch practice.

While Elena and Nathan were sleeping, their parents were downstairs conversing about Elena.

“Michael, what if she doesn’t find her mate?” Emma asked her husband

“She will, might not be this year even the next, but she will find him.” Michael answered

“How will she know who he is?” Emma asked

“She’ll dream of him, she’ll dream of what separates him from everyone else.” Michael answered once again

“You know he won’t be Fae, he’ll probably just be a wizard.” Emma sighed

“I know, we are some of the last Fae. I just hope that he is good to her.” Michael said gently

Their conversation went on. They spoke of Elena’s future. They spoke of their past. They spoke of the few other Fae families, and the many that had been found and killed.

Fae’s were not favored by many people. Including The Dark Lord. They were constantly being hunted down and killed. There were only 3 people in the world who knew the Everett’s were Fae’s: Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, and Remus Lupin.

Elena woke up very early, 3 in the morning actually. She had been dreaming of silver eyes and a very funny smirk. Elena walked over to her closet and quickly packed her bags. The whole time she was thinking of those eyes.

3 hours later, Elena kissed her brother on the forehead and headed for platform 9 ¾. She would now be going into her fifth year at Hogwarts. But this year was different, this year she would be going as a full fae.

And boy was she ready.

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